StoryBird is a WEB2oOL that reverses visual storytelling by starting with the image and then unveiling the story.  Students can explore artists, get inspired and then write.  The books can be shared by link (like below), embed code or social media.

Picture Book Example:

Chapter Book Example:


Basic Instructions on how to create and share as private: – kids must register

  1. Create and select your artwork. One limitation is that you can only use the artwork supplied (you can’t get some from different art sets).  Notice, these are artists that are allowing you to use their artwork.
  2. Select “Use this Art” (do not “Buy it”).
  3. Write your story in the spaces provided. There are no text bubbles, so you will need to write your story in text form.
  4. Use the + symbol to add pages, and drag the art onto the page in the area that you want.
  5. Save often. Save and Exit when done.
  6. To Share as a Private Book – you must publish, but you can still publish private.
  7. Now click the share icon to email your teacher a private copy.




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