BVW-TECH-NEWS_1440This is the first BVW Tech News Post!  I plan to communicate a variety of information such as recent WEB2oOLS, TIPS N TRICKS, highlight a TECHIE TEACHER and include TIS TALK.  Follow me on Twitter @BVWTIS and like me on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/BVWTIS


  • Vocaroo:  Need a voice recorder with No Install and No Registration?
  • Prezi:  Pep up your PowerPoints!
  • Screencast-o-matic: Need to record your computer as you teach?  This is great for you and your students.  No registration and no install required (have students use IE at school – explained in the video)
  • Office 365:  FREE Microsoft Suite for Teachers & Students


BV Gradebook documents must be PW Protected – ask me for the PW

TECHIE-TEACHER_500 Lisa Bauman

  • Lisa has impressed me with her passion to integrate technology with her students.  She had her kids create stories using several different web2.0ls:
  • Lisa also investigated ways to help her AP kids best prepare for the AP test.  She wanted to provide formative feedback so students could self correct.  She has begun implementation of these tools:


  • Teachers should consider re-imaging their computers so that you can get MS Office 2013.  This resolves the email issues that we were experiencing.  This will also allow for better Office 365 integration. Here is a helpdoc to help you prepare before you image:  1_Get Ready_ To do before New Laptop_FA15
  • Looking ahead, I am on a committee that is going to look at various LMS’s for BV to adopt. The plan is to implement this in the fall of 2017. So you are holding on to your School Center teacher sites another year!
  • Parent Teacher Conferences: refer to my email sent on 10/22 for details about how to print your rosters for Thursday and options on communicating student grades. Here is the helpdoc that I sent in that email:  PTC Options to Show Grades to Parents
  • Replacing Print Toners: First, let me remind you that it is best to print to printshop.  The next best option is the Ricoh (follow_you_BW), and the least cost effective is your classroom/office printers.  Use these sparingly. See below for important information on printing.
  • Gradecam is going well for teachers.  Please invite me to see what you are doing.  I am very interested in your implementation ideas. Also, GradeCam has a student portal so kids can login and see their results, as well as take their assessments online.  Looking for pilots!  It is set up if you want to peek at it – see the screen shot – on the “new” side.  Email me if you want to pilot and I will give you student login information.


  • Security Updates:  IT will be communicating the new process to push some updates to our devices (Teacher and Student) starting next week.  It is important that you leave your computer on and at BVW on the options that they detail.  If you do not, it will push to your device when you connect to wireless.  I understand that it will take some time to push and it will automatically restart your machines (without warning).  This is going to be difficult for the COW laptops.  DC’s, tell me your preference.  We can hold all COWs and manually do them throughout a day or two, or you all can do it.  I imagine it will take 20 min’s to update… but I really have no idea.  If I don’t hear from you, we will leave it to you.
  • BV GradeBook – good news!  District set our gradebook to rounding on as a default.  If you do not touch the setting, it will automatically round with the most precision (i.e. 89.5% = A).  More info to come on your 2 options in December, before Final Grades.

Do you know a deserving BVW Techie Teacher?  Please submit them here for consideration:



Technically Yours,



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