ToonDoo – Comic Strip Maker

Want to make cartoon comic strips?  Use ToonDoo!  With a few clicks and some drag and drops, you will have your own comic strip.  You can turn those strips into a book as well.

Here is one that was made by one of the best at BVWest!


Basic Instructions and tips on how to keep student content private: – kids must register.

  1. Select Toon / Create Toon (this is if you want a small cartoon – 2 to 4 slides).
  2. Pick a layout.
  3. Drag/Drop elements.
  4. Personalize the elements with the options along the bottom.  Change size, for example (select the element, select Shrink or Enlarge).
  5. Be sure to save each one, Click ToonDoo / Save (icon in upper right of cartoon creation area).  Be sure to select “Keep it Private”.  It is Public by default.

Toons (one page comics) can be private, but unfortunately ToonBooks must be public.  In order to keep student content private, students should do a series of Toons and screen shot (Snip) each one into a word document or PowerPoint to submit to their teacher.   Use the Snipping Tool (how to on a PC) (how to on a MAC).



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