Quizlet – and now Quizlet Live

Quizlet is a simple study tool that lets you input questions and answers in a variety of easy ways.  It creates flashcards, tests and study games. BV teachers and students can login with their Google sign in. You can search study materials as well. Teachers, you can create a class and invite your students. It is multilingual as well.


Quizlet just added a new formative assessment WEB2oOL that your students are going to love… Quizlet Live!  It is a collaborative classroom game that will help your students review your classroom content in a fun and collaborative way. Students login at https://quizlet.com/live.


Technology Integration Idea:  Gretchen Meyers plans to have her students submit questions via a Google Form . Next, she will copy paste these into Quizlet via their awesome Import feature that allows to to copy /paste from Word, Excel or Google Docs.  Easy!  Then, let the games begin.  What a great idea, Gretchen!




2 thoughts on “Quizlet – and now Quizlet Live

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