Looking for a way to review material with your students in a fun and engaging way?  Try Kahoot!  Students can use their smartphone, tablet or computer to answer questions.  Teachers make multiple choice questions with the option of adding images or video into each question.

One of my favorite features about this game is that it does not require the students to have an account.  The teacher will display their screen and the class code will populate.  Kids will enter their name, but in case they do not… teachers can delete them which bumps them out to the entry screen.  All kids have the time allotted to enter an answer before the correct answer is displayed.  It displays the top 5 scorers, so an initial norm-setting session to ensure that the competition leads to praise and not put downs is suggested.  Kids do love games to motivate them!

Teachers can get a report at then completion of the Kahoot (formative data).  It gives individual data as well as item analysis.  One downfall of this tool is that it does not “connect” Kahoots to show longitudinal data. I would suggest this for a fun pre-assessment of a unit or a review for a summative exam.

Notice below that you can search Public Kahoots and you can directly share with specific teachers.


Instructional Videos:

  • How to PLAY the Kahoot – What this looks like in the classroom:

  • I am ready! How to SET UP a Kahoot – In a “nutshell”:



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