web200LS_500GAMES are a great way to review for your summative tests.  With Final Exams right around the corner, it may be timely to try these Web2.OLS!

  • Kahoot: Many of our teachers using this to help them diagnose what their class as a whole already knows.  Super AFL!
  • eQuizShow: This is an online Jeopardy type review game. Easy to build and play a 2 player game.
  • Plickers: This 2.OL does require that you have a scanner (use an iPad or smartphone).  Stop by the TLC for a 60 second demo – it is super easy!
  • Random Name Picker: This is a fun 2.OL to use to pick student names randomly.

It is that time of your for your end of Season/Year celebrations!

  • YouTube Slideshow Maker: Teachers/coaches/sponsors are so busy and often have to create the end of the year video.  Make it easy!  Use this slideshow maker.

“Turn In” Website for End of Year Projects

  • Padlet:  This is the ultimate “Website Sharing Wall”!  Kids can add a “post-it note” to a shared wall that you set up.  Great to share projects, brainstorm, use as a backchannel during instruction.


  • Office 2013:  Easy way to archive emails.  Outlook to OneNote
  • Office 365:  I created “BVW OneNote SANDBOX” in OneDrive – click here to try it: OneDrive-BVSDQRCode for OneNote SANDBOXOR scan QRCode.  The PROS of using OneDrive:
    • MAC folks are included
    • You have 24/7 access when connected to the Internet
    • #NuffSaid – No really, you will be hearing more from me about this.  For now, we play!
  • Dual Monitors: Teachers can use their projector as 2nd monitor. Press Window-P on your keyboard and select “Extended”.  Now you can drag applications to your projector.  See me for help.DualMonitors_ExtendScreen
  • Twitter Account Protocol:  Teachers at BVW typically make their account @BVWTheirUserName — Here are a few in my PLN…  TagxedoMade at Tagxedo!

BV Gradebook documents must be PW Protected – ask me for the PW


Jeff Baxter

Jeff has impressed me with his true desire to continue to learn.  He is determined to meet his students in “their” environment, which means electronically!  Jeff came to me with “an idea”.  He left with a plan and executed it brilliantly.  Jeff is wonderful to work with, we are certainly lucky to have him here at West.  This is how Jeff got “Techie”.

  • He had his students create their projects using their choice of electronic media.  They used:
  • In addition, he had his students post their projects to his classroom Padlet PadletWall.  The kids appreciated having the ability to view other students’ projects.  They were to each come up with an example of an Allusion in a variety of texts.  Bonus: the kids can see a “patchwork” of dozens of ideas on Allusions.  Jeff was absolutely thrilled with this aspect.
  • Jeff also stopped by to explain another “side effect” of this project.  He had his kids “present” their ideas in class and one of the groups formatively assessed the students with a Kahoot…  Brilliant!

TIS-TALK_500BVW Communication:

  • School Calendar – did you know that the admin secretaries update an Outlook Calendar with the day to day events at West and you have access to view that calendar? They include varsity athletic events, daily block schedules, assemblies, performing arts events and the like.  Christy maintains an Outlook Calendar that holds all of the meetings.     Here is how you can see the Outlook public calendars. Open BVW Public Calendars
    Note:  I sync BVW School Calendar to the BV website monthly.  Use this as an easy to access resource.
  • Jaguar Journal – this new and improved weekly newsletter is just as much for you as it is for parents.  I hope  you read this weekly.  It will also answer many of the questions that you may have about the day to day schedule/ events at West.  Use the above calendars as well!
  • OneNote’s for Faculty – BVW keeps up several OneNote’s for faculty use.  You should use these as additional communication resources.  Here is a if you need assistance:  BVW OneNote Links.

Technology Info:

  • Pam is retiring!  Vong is the new tech, please welcome him!  Please be patient as he does not know all of you (specifically, where you live)!  Reminder to fill in your room number in your helpdesk tickets.  We have been spoiled by Pam.  She will be missed.
  • Office 13 – Reminder to consider re-imaging so you can get Office 13. Please do not load from the BVAPP store yourself.  We have seen many issues from loading this on top of Office 10.  A fresh image is the best. However, if you want to try a new method where our techs uninstall 10 and install 13, I am hearing that this is working well.   If it does not, then a reimage will follow.  District wants all machines updated by February.  1_Get Ready_ To do before New Laptop_FA15

Testers Wanted:

  • GradeCam – student portal is open for us to try through December, see me for info.  Also, I have a few extra document cameras if you are using this tool.  Ask me about it.
  • Windows 10 is on the horizon.  If you would be willing to pilot this on your teacher laptop or your computer lab, please let me know.  I run it on my Surface Pro so I can assist.

Something FUN:

Do you know a deserving BVW Techie Teacher?  Please submit them here for consideration:


Enter Name HERE


Technically Yours,



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