BVW Techie Teacher – Jeff Baxter


Jeff Baxter

Jeff has impressed me with his true desire to continue to learn.  He is determined to meet his students in “their” environment, which means electronically!  Jeff came to me with “an idea”.  He left with a plan and executed it brilliantly.  Jeff is wonderful to work with, we are certainly lucky to have him here at West.  This is how Jeff got “Techie”.

  • He had his students create their projects using their choice of electronic media.  They used:
  • In addition, he had his students post their projects to his classroom Padlet PadletWall.  The kids appreciated having the ability to view other students’ projects.  They were to each come up with an example of an Allusion in a variety of texts.  Bonus: the kids can see a “patchwork” of dozens of ideas on Allusions.  Jeff was absolutely thrilled with this aspect.
  • Jeff also stopped by to explain another “side effect” of this project.  He had his kids “present” their ideas in class and one of the groups formatively assessed the students with a Kahoot…  Brilliant!!

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