• Remind:   great for one way communication to the masses!  They have added a Chat feature, Stamps to get feedback from your class.  This can help you as you collect AFL data.
  • GroupMe:  need a two – way texting communication 2.OL?  This is a private chat room for a small group.  This is great for your executive student members, your departments or PLC’s.
  • o365:  OneNote Classroom Notebook: Want a collaborative web-space for your classroom where you can handout documents, give formative feedback and collect assignments all within the OneNote environment… on any device… this is the answer!
  • 0365: Office Mix – Powerpoint Add-in: Take your PowerPoint’s from good to fabulous!  This add-in allows you to annotate and voice over your slides, and much more.  You must have Office 2013 on your laptops.  If you need help with that see me.  This app takes about 2 minutes to load from the BVApp store… do it yourself once you have Office 2013 or do a helpdesk ticket for assistance.


  • Trouble Shoot BV WIFI:  this post shows you how to enable and disable your WIFI as a troubleshooting technique.
  • Online Shopping:  be careful out there!  Here are some tips to keep your personal data safe.

BV Gradebook documents must be PW Protected – ask me for the PW

  • BV Gradebook: Communication works to email students and parents.  However, always use the BCC so you get a copy of the email in your Outlook!
  • BVW Reminder:  Don’t forget, grades are due Friday before you leave.  You must check out with Cheryl, our registrar. I sent 1 email with ALL instructions on 12/11.  Search your Outlook email for it.


Congrats again to these inspiring teachers! Some of the Best at West!


Jeff Baxter

TIS-TALK_500BVW Communication:

  • OneNote’s for Faculty – I will be moving the Lab/Cow sign up  & Faculty OneNote to OneDrive very soon.  Please take a moment and try to load this.
    • Technology Help Files – Web View Only (Moved to OneDrive BV)
    • BVW OneNote Sandbox – this one is a PLAYGROUND, do anything you want!
    • I am going to move the Faculty OneNote to OneDrive over winter break, please email me if you use this so I can make sure you are good to go once I move it.  Mac folks – you are about to get “included”, finally!

Technology Info:

  • Office 13 – Reminder to consider re-imaging so you can get Office 13.  You can’t use Office Mix without it!  And everything will work better! Please do not load from the BVAPP store yourself.  Talk to me or Vong about options.  District wants all machines updated by February.  We can try to do this without a reimage, but just in case:  1_Get Ready_ To do before New Laptop_FA15
  • Office Mix – as stated above, this install is in the BVApps store. However, you must first have Office 13 on your computer.  Helpdesk for assistance on this.

Testers Wanted:

  • GradeCam – student portal is open for us to try through December, see me for info.  I think I could get an extension if you would like to try it.  Also, I have a few extra document cameras if you are using this tool.  Ask me about it.
  • Windows 10 is on the horizon.  If you would be willing to pilot this on your teacher laptop or your computer lab, please let me know.  I run it on my Surface Pro so I can assist.
  • GradeCam on the final.  See a full list of suggestions posted on our Technology Help Files – Web View Only (filed under the GradeCam section and on the GradeCam Suggestions Page).  Here are the main highlights:
    • Scan extra slowly, look for inaccuracy. While they are rare, they do occur.
    • Ask kids to use pen or marker to bubble, it has been reported that the lead in the pencil sometimes reflects back as light and the scanner does not “see” the bubble.  This is why you need to scan slowly, looking for potential blanks.
    • Scan how you have been scanning all year.  I certainly hope no one is using this as a “newbie” for finals.

Something FUN:

  • Fun thing 1:  Days of the Year Calendar:  Did you know that everyday is “something”!  You no longer have wait to celebrate those special days, today is the day. As a matter of fact, today, 12/15/2015 is officially “Cat Herders Day”!

Days of the Year

“A day for those of us who feel like we’re tasked with the impossible, Cat Herders Day recognizes the frustration of trying to manage the unmanageable. Whether it’s work, home, school or other areas of life, if it feels like herding cats, today’s your day.”

Wow, can any of you resonate with this right now, especially you teachers?  I don’t know about you all, but I am looking forward to December 30th! #NomNom!!!

  • Fun thing 2:  Happy Winter Break to you from ME(demo of Office Mix)!

Office Mix DemoDo you know a deserving BVW Techie Teacher?  Please submit them here for consideration:


Last, I need and appreciate your feedback.   Please consider completing my 10 question TIS survey here:  REVIEW ME.

Technically & Grade-Fully Yours,


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