GroupMe – Blocked for BV Students

GroupMe is a group text messaging communication 2oOL.  It is one of the simplest app’s out there that will create a private chat room for your groups (up to 200).  I could not image that many in a chat room, but it is possible. This app is suitable for adult use.  Blue Valley does not allow the use of this app for students.  If you are looking for a group messaging 2oOL to use with your students, I would suggest Remind.

I would suggest that you use this for small groups such as:  coaching groups, PLC’s, departments, etc.  You add members manually or via a link. This app works essentially with every phone that gets text.  You do not have to have the app on your phone to use it. You can create and manage a calendar, send photos and videos.  You can also mute notifications.


Here is the help page for more information:


2 thoughts on “GroupMe – Blocked for BV Students

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