o365: OneNote Class Notebook

Brief Overview:

OneNote Class Notebook is here!  I am excited to share this tool with you all.  This creates a personal workspace for each of your students, a place for handouts and a collaborative space for lessons and activities. It will make handing out assignments, giving formative feedback and collecting final assignments seamless.  Look at this video for an overview:

You do not have to have surface pro’s in order to use this.  Any device that gets internet will do.  #DeviceHarmony!!  Oh how I do wish we were a one-to-one school!  However, do not let that stop you from using this tool.

Check out this site for tutorials and more information.  BV folks:  Please, do not sign up for a free account, we have one!  Access it via with your computer login credentials: o365.bluevalleyk12.org .   If you want to be added as a student in my “play” class notebook, contact me. I am excited to assist you with set up and use.  Be my first to pilot this in a BV classroom!

Happy OneNoting!


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