Need an online flyer or a newsletter? With enrollment right around the corner, many of you are probably searching for a nice way to promote your classes.  Smore is a simple, yet powerful web2ool that is perfect for this purpose.  It is easy to add Text, Pictures, Video, Audio, Links, Embed Code, Forms, Events and more! Make it easy for parents and students at enrollment night. Just send them on their way wSmore-QRCodeith a link to your content, embed it on your website, add the link to your business card, or create a QR Code with a link to it and they can save it on their device.  They are printable as well.  There are some limitations on the Free site such as you can only make 5 flyers at one time and there are some added options with the PRO account, but nothing that should keep you from using the Free version!

Here is an example that I created:


Teacher Integration:

  • Check out what our SPED transition specialists created to share with parents!  Nice work Heather Dill!

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