O365: How to Sign In

BV staff and students all have access to the Office 365 Web Portal.

  1. Go to:  https://o365.bluevalleyk12.org/  This link can also be found on the BV website from Student Login / Office 365.  Student, teachers and all BV Staff use this login.
  2. Login with your BV Email and computer password.

This is where you can download MS Office for Free on your home devices – BV STAFF, do not install it your work devices! Students access their email here.  Everyone gets access to the MS products online, anytime.  In addition, everyone is provisioned 1TB of “cloud storage” (that is huge)!  And, everyone can access, modify and save their work on any device – so it is not only makes your work portable but it also makes it available on smart phones, tablets, mac and PC! #DeviceHarmony

Students, learn how to use this to transport your electronic work to and from school and home!


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