Techie Teacher – Ann Dark


Ann Dark

I knew immediately when I met Ann that she was a “techie teacher”.  She has impressed me with her ability to self-problem solve, branch out with new technology and to go on the help staff with various issues.  I call her my “right hand Ann”.  Here are just SOME of the web2oOLS that Ann uses.

  • Google Drive – she uses ALL of Drive!  I want to highlight one that she just started using.   Online Rubric!  It is an online rubric where she completes the rubric with her feedback and it shoots off to the students.  Here is a link to the add-on and the tutorial on how to use it.  She is really excited about this.
  • Ann shares files with her student’s via Google Drive as well.  They get 24/7 access to them as opposed to our R drive.
  • She has her lesson plans in Google Slides linked on her school center website.  Please, take a look… this is such a great idea!
  • Ann has helped many teacher use Wix!
  • She uses Remind for her Deca students.
  • Ann is a strong users of Dropbox as well.  She uses this to store her class files so she has 24/7 access to them.

Ann really stays ahead of the technology curve.  She is one of the many that I feel like I learn more from her than she learns from me.  I am especially proud of her  commitment to make her Web Design classes better.  She took classes in “CODE”!  She has shared this with the other Web Design teachers and they are in the process of making some college articulations and college now courses as an option for our students.  She has taken these courses to the next level.  Our students are certainly lucky to have her, as well as all of Blue Valley.


4 thoughts on “Techie Teacher – Ann Dark

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  2. Aimee

    Fabulous teacher doing great things! Right Hand Ann… Love it Stacey 🙂 You two are our Dynamic Duo at West. Thanks for all you do ladies!

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