• Happy Safe Internet Day! Learn how you can “play your part for a better Internet”.
  • WIX: Need a Website, Blog or Newsletter?  Try WIX!
  • RefMe: This is a citation maker that will not only generate the citation in various styles such as APA or MLA; but also allow your phone’s camera to scan the bar code to capture the reference information?  Sweet!


  • How to Login Seriously folks, you really need to do this!  I am here to help you all, these WEB2oOLS are super!
  • Sway
    • Here is an example of a SWAY made by your BVWTIS:  https://sway.com/pVntzvTDbZM8cmQN – you must LOGIN to get to it 🙂 Try it on your phone or tablet, this is the best part of this 2ool!
  • How to Open a OneNote Share Link – OneNotes are moving!  Watch this to see how you can open from a share link… Mac Folks Included #DeviceHarmony!

Google Drive:


Learn how to make a screen capture:

Archive Email with OneNote (must get MS Office 2013 to do this):

Link to the post for a detailed handout and a more detailed video:  https://web2oolbox.wordpress.com/2015/11/20/archive-email-to-onenote/

Reminder that BV Gradebook posts are all Password Protected.  Ask me for the password if you have forgotten!


Ann Dark  I knew immediately when I met Ann that she was a “techie teacher”.  She has impressed me with her ability to self-problem solve, branch out with new technology and to go on the help various staff with various issues.  I call her my “right hand Ann”.  See full details here.

TIS-TALK_500Communication Reminders:

  • The BVW school calendar on the BVW homepage.  The admin secretaries all add events to this if you need something added.  We post the daily schedule here as well.  We hope this has helped you get/stay organized!
  • The BVW Staff Meetings Calendar (called “BVW Staff Info”) is a public outlook calendar.  Here are the directions again if you need assistance finding this: Open BVW Public Calendars
  • Reminder that I moved the Techonology Helpfiles OneNote to “Upstairs”/OneDrive.  See me if you want an invite to add this!  I put the link to it in our original OneNote “Downstairs”/RDrive.
  • Moving TODAY- Faculty OneNote.  I will send you a link via email after I post this blog.  Watch this video on how to: O365: How to Open a OneNote Share Link  to see how to “accept” the invitation and to load it.  You can choose to view it “upstairs” or to open it in OneNote “downstairs”.  Reminder to my Mac Folks… you are now included.  Just download OneNote from the app store and it will open there.  #DeviceHarmony

Tech Info:

  • Office 2013: If you liked how I archived my emails above, you must get MS 2013 on your computer to do this.  Put in a helpdesk ticket and Vong can take care of that for you!  You should not have to get re-imaged to add this.

Testers Needed:

  • Windows 10 is on the horizon.  It is projected to be installed district wide by early 2017.   If you would be willing to pilot this on your teacher laptop or your computer lab, please let me know.  I have been testing it for a while and am comfortable with it going out into classrooms and on teacher laptops/computers. 1_Get Ready_ To do before New Laptop_FA15
  • The new webpages are a bit farther away.  You can use School Center next year again for your teacher pages.  Beginning the 2017 school year, we should be using an LMS (learning management system).  Nothing has been decided on this, stay tuned!


    • Shop right here at school:  Paws Productions has flowers, candy and more for your sweeties!  http://hcdill.wix.com/paws
    • Perhaps something for your techie sweetie!  Morse code necklaces, 3D printed cookie cutters, dodecahedron planter and much more!  Check out 25 tech gifts for your valentine.
    • Cards are a likely purchase, perhaps you could consider some techie cards!

Valentines CardValentines Card 2Valentines Card

  • And now for the much needed BVWTIS HUMOR SECTION:

                                  How TEACHERS feel after PTC’s!


Do you know a deserving BVW Techie Teacher?  Please submit them here for consideration:

Technically Yours,


Follow me on Twitter @BVWTIS and like me on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/BVWTIS.



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