MS Word: Add Form Elements

Do you think it is odd to fill out a Word form that has underlines in the places that they want you to enter text?  Do you delete the line, do you just type in the middle of it?  It is really strange!  Word has a 2oOL that you can use to create a fill-able document.  See the screen shots for directions on how to do that. Or open this document for complete directions along with an example of some of the form items that Word has included: Word_MakeFillableDocument.

Directions – Part 1 – Add the Developer Tab:


Step 2 – Create and Make Usable:

Word_MakeFillableDocument Part 2

When you share this, keep it as a word document.  When you save as PDF, this will eliminate your form features.  Of course, Adobe PDF has their own Form Creation 2oOL.  It is a bit more complicated than this little gem, so try this out first.  If you want to start collecting data, get with me on some viable options.


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