Comic Master

Comic Master is an easy to use comic strip maker.  You can make a page full of up to 16 comics on a page.  What I like the most about this WEB2oOL is that it is extremely  simple to use.   The Main Menu has all of the elements that you can add and the toolbar is easily found in the center.

I also like the privacy aspect of this WEB2oOL.  It is inherently private with printing as the only way to share.  To keep it “electronic” (save a tree), students can Print to “Adobe PDF” and submit an electronic copy.  Also note that it only makes separate pages, not books.  Students must register to save their work.


Basic instructions:

  1. Students must register if they need to save their work (can’t complete in one setting).  Click Sign Up!
  2. You must pick a layout first for your page.
  3. Use the Main Menu to add elements.
  4. Save often (disk at top).
  5. Print to Adobe PDF to create a PDF file, then submit electronically (how to instructions here).




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