O365: Open in Word Workflow

One of the biggest advantages of O365’s OneDrive is the “Open in Word” feature.  To be more specific, this feature works in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.  What you can do while working on a file “upstairs” (AKA in OneDrive), you can click “Open in Word” (see image below) and it will open up in the “desktop version” of Word.  There are more tools in this version.  When you do that and make changes and save, it will save/sync with the file “upstairs”.  This is great for our students so they can have access to their files 24/7!  Best news, this works on any device that gets Internet and has the Free MS App’s in stalled (iPad, Android Tablet, Surface Pro, Smart Phones). #DeviceHarmony


Watch the video for a visual explanation.


2 thoughts on “O365: Open in Word Workflow

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