Windows 10 Overview – It is NOT that different 🙂


  • ThingLink – Make your images interactive!  This is the WEB2oOL that I used for March PD Registration.
  • Comic Maker – this is an easy comic strip creation WEB2oOL.
  • Safe Internet Image Search with Proper Attribution – Do you find yourself “googling” for an image and using it?  We need to teach our students proper image search and attribution.  I have a simple 3 step process on this post!
  • Nearpod – this is a great WEB2oOL that you can use to engage your students into your lesson AND get formative feedback on how well they are comprehending it.


  • Sync your OneDrive so you have this as a “Local Drive”. This makes working on your files outside of school a breeze!
  • Open in Word Workflow Feature: how our students can work in the cloud and still use full Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote giving them 24/7 access to their files.
  • Class OneNote – thinking about re-organizing your “electronic classroom space”?  I want to challenge you to consider this WEB2oOL.  It is part of the O365 package (free).  If you would like an invite into one so you can “see it” as a student”, email me!  You can easily create a OneNote for each student and drop files (documents/videos/almost anything) into them.  They also can hand in work back to you.  Again, you can put OneNote app on any device and so can they.  This can make their “electronic classroom space” open 24/7.




full story here

TIS-TALK_500Communication Reminders:

  • I moooooooved the Computer and Cow Sign Up to OneDrive!  Stop by if you need assistance!  I sent BV teachers the link to it on 3/10.  Did you know you can:
    • Load it in OneNote on your computer (like the old one)
    • Load it on your smart phone.
    • Load it on you tablet.
    • You know can have 24/7 access to this — and you can also have 24/7 access to all of your H Drive files.  See me for details!
    • Note about the Cloud- be sure to hit “refresh” before modifying if you have had OneNote open on your device for a while (or close and open).  I have noted is a small delay – up to 60 seconds/depending on WIFI.
  • Your Faculty Handbook and Technology HelpFiles OneNotes have also both been moved.  Please, see me for assistance if you need help gaining access.
  • Bryan sent a request for BVW Calendar items.  Please recall that I made it available for you to view in Outlook.  It is a public calendar.  An additional reminder that I pull the contents of this calendar onto our BVW Calendar on the BVW homepage. You can view from either place! These additions will not be live until August, so Outlook is the best option if you are looking for potential conflicts.   Open BVW Public Calendars

Tech Info:

  • Windows 10 Image Information:  we will all have to update to Windows 10.  I have been busy testing and working with IT to fix the image so that it is in the best place for this transition.  I am pretty excited about it.  It will integrate better with Office 365 which many of you attended my training and walked away excited about the changes.  I like having 24/7 access to my files.  THIS is the direction that we are going, let me lead you there!  FAQ’s:
    • When will we have to update to Windows 10?  By the end of this school year.
    • Does it require an image?  Yes.  I know, that is painful.  But I will help you all get ready.  Let’s start with this tech document:  1_Get Ready_ To Do Before My Windows 10 Image
    • What is the process to get Windows 10 installed?  Look for more details on this very soon as the final image has not been given to me.  I want to finalize the documentation for you all to follow.   The general plan will be first come, first served.  You will be able to do it up until May 20th when you want to do it.  If you do not get it done by then, you will be required to leave it at checkout.  Vong will email you as soon as he has it done at which time you will be able to come in and pick it up or wait until we come back in August.  Again, more specific details to follow in a separate email.  Just start thinking about WHEN you want it done and use the linked document above to “Get Ready”.
  • Using GradeCam for Finals?  I created a Best Practices document to help avoid the issues we had with 1st semester finals.  Read it/ Follow it:  GradeCam.
    • Vong and/or I can help you update your driver!  Do it well before finals.
    • Think about when you will get Windows 10 installed.  Do not do it the week of finals and then use GradeCam.  Either get it done early so you can get it set up and tested again or wait and do it after.
  • Firefox – there is an update in the BVApps store.  Update it you would like it!  Takes just a minute to do.
  • COMING SOON – end of year technology to do list.  First up will be to verify your technology inventory 🙂




Humor_EndOfYearTiredImage found at: http://www.teachjunkie.com/blog/

Do you know a deserving BVW Techie Teacher?  Please submit them here for consideration:

Technically Yours,


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