web200LS_500Review of the BEST WEB2oOLS used at WEST!

  • Smore – Heather Dill created a user-friendly media rich electronic document for parents.  She was commended at the upper levels of administration for her work.  Nice work Heather! Link to this is at the bottom of the post.
  • Windows Snipping Tool– Talk with Donnie Campbell about this one.  In his words (or as Dick Vitale would say), “This is awesome, baby”!
  • Kahoot– So many of you are using this!  Debbie Glenn was the first to show me just how “coolio” this “WEB2oOL-io” is to help kids enjoy learning.
  • Class OneNote– Check with any Social Studies teacher, I think they are all pretty psyched about using this next year with their students.  Save a tree, go electronic!
  • QR Codes – Social Studies teacher rule the QR Code.  Check with any of them on how they use this and Google Forms to help with Jag intervention.
  • Twitter – If there ever was such a thing as a “Twitter Queen”, Debbie Glenn would wear that tiara.  Seriously, she is the master of communication on Twitter.  If I ever want to know… I go there!  @BVWSpotlight, @BVWYearbook, @MrsGlennBVW
  • Below is a Tagxedo that I made plopping in all of the Twitter names that I had at the time.  This is also how I make the BVW staff farewell gifts.


  • Nearpod– Catch Julia Fulbright before she leaves us to learn how she is using this in her classroom.  It is brilliant (and so is she).




Congrats again to these inspiring teachers! Some of the Best at West!

Ann Dark

Julia Fulbright

And congrats to the latest “Techie Teacher”!

 Vong Yang

TIS-TALK_500BV Gradebook

  • Grades are due before you leave on Friday.  Check out with Mrs. Battista.  I am linking to a page in our Technology Helpfiles OneNote that holds all of the needed documents.  If you have issues viewing this, I emailed them all last week and they are in our Technology Helpfiles OneNote.   GradeBook  (Web view) – go to the Dec/May page.

TIS Help During Finals:

I plan to be in my tech lab each afternoon to assist with Synergy and Windows 10 needs.  I would like to focus on assisting with these 2 “hot topics”, unless you are the only one in attendance.  I will not be making appointments at this time, I will simply be here to help.

Windows 10 Info:

  • Windows 10 Image is underway.  I estimate that Vong has about 30 teacher laptops complete and about 200 student desktops.   Complete the form http://goo.gl/forms/tfg6qfGKYo  to indicate your choices.
  • Windows 10 – How to Set Up Your Newly Imaged Computer – this is a fairly fluid document, so check the Technology OneNote for the most up to date document.  I also have printed copies in Vong’s office when you get your image.  If you need the “packing instructions”, here they are:  1_Get Ready_ To do before New Laptop_FA15
  • If your projected image is not filling the screen, do a helpdesk ticket and be sure to include the times in which Vong can come in to apply a fix.  It won’t take long, but he needs you logged in and to be connected to your projector.
  • Laptop Lid – when you dock/undock, please do so with your laptop lid open.  A fix will be pushed out after Friday to all users that will fix this issue I asked that they wait until then (just in case).  I get a little fearful when I hear that it has to be “pushed” / #NoRockinTheBoat!  Please read the Power Settings information on the Windows 10 – Set up document linked above.  Window + L when you walk away… that is still the same!
  • DVD’s  are not playing on your newly imaged Windows 10 laptop, “yet” (#GrowthMindset).  If you need to play a DVD before the end of the year, you can check a laptop out in the LMC.  I know that VLC player will play them, but we do not want this to be the solution (that is a “Rodina Band-Aid”).  District is working on the best method of acquiring the player (cost, deployment, etc.).  A solution will be achieved before you come back in the fall.
  • GradeCam – I have noticed that the pop-up blocker is sometimes not populating the drop down option.  If you are in Firefox (perhaps other browsers may show this issue as well), you can fix this by allowing pop-ups from gradecam.com.  Directions in the Windows 10 setup packet above or let me know and I will assist.

Something FUN (FUNNY!):

You know how tired teachers are in May?  Now do something really brainless, like hit  “reply to all” unintentionally.  This was me last week:

Then, after a few of my colleagues (Hmm Hmm:  Vandy and Dark) razzed me about it, I realized that this could be a learning opportunity.  Quite timely, one of my favorite educator Facebook “friends” posted this video regarding the reply to all phenomenon.  It is so worth your time to watch, we all need a laugh in May!

I did “recall” my message; however, many of you had Outlook open and it did not miss your box.  Did you know you can do that?  Well, here is the learning opportunity:  From the sent message, click: Actions (click the downward arrow)/Recall this Message.   Hopefully, you all just don’t click that Reply to All button.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Do you know a deserving BVW Techie Teacher?  Please submit them here for consideration:


Technically & Grade-Fully Yours,


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