Techie Teacher – Vong Yang



I think you will all agree with me that Vong is much more than a “tech”.  His net stretches well over into the “teacher” category as well.   He keeps a smile on his face, even when I know that he is working/spinning in several different directions.  He is willing to go the extra mile to figure out the nature of a problem.  He has worked side by side with me testing the Windows 10 image so that it is in the best state possible for you to take home this summer.  He is incredibly smart and a true problem solver.  He has a funny sense of humor, check out the joke he sent me (below).  He has the heart of a teacher, as well.  He cares about “his” staff.  Some of you have been the direct recipients of his kindness, and in such a short time.  BVW Staff, please be sure to offer your thanks and gratitude to Vong as we ride the Windows 10 re-image wave!  He has the #BVWGrit of a champion Jaguar. We are so fortunate to have him join the #BVWFamily.  Vong, you are the #BestTechAtWest!



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