Window + P

You can change your projector display options by pressing Window + P (same as Function F8).  If you dock your laptop and get the “black screen”, it may be because your laptop display (image) just got thrown to the projected imaged (projector) and disconnecting from your laptop (main display).  Simple terms:  your display image is only on the projector, and you didn’t do it or want it!  It can do this even if your projector is off, which is very odd.   If you turn your projector on and see the image, this is what has occurred.  So try pressing window + P and setting it back to duplicate.  See the video for additional clarity.

window P Image

Mac Directions:

  1. Connect and turn on your additional display.
  2. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
  3. Choose Displays.
  4. Click the Arrangement tab.
  5. Make sure that the Mirror Displays checkbox isn’t selected.

Window + P is your friend!

This is your BVWTIS(and her adorable dog, Kioko), signing off.


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