Office Mix: Retiring on May 1, 2018

NOTICE – Microsoft is retiring this service on May 1, 2018.  You can migrate your content with these steps.

Here is how to migrate your content:
1.   Go to > Sign in > Click “My Mixes”
2.   Click “Migrate” to move your Mixes to Microsoft Stream* or manually download your content as PowerPoint Files (.pptx)
3.   Visit your Microsoft Stream account to view your Mixes as videos.
What’s going to happen to your account?
On M‍ay 1, 20‍18 any remaining files in your Office Mix Preview account will automatically get deleted. Mixes migrated to Microsoft Stream will not include any interactive content such as analytics data, quizzes or apps. If you do not have access to Stream, you can save your Mixes as PowerPoint files (.pptx), and your analytics data as Excel files (.xlsx) to your device or a file storage location of your choice at any time before M‍ay 1, 20‍18.

3 thoughts on “Office Mix: Retiring on May 1, 2018

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