Techie Teacher – Theresa Grospitch


Theresa Grospitch

I think you will all agree that Theresa Grospitch (Mrs. G) is one of the best teachers at BVW.  Her primary focus is to improve her instruction so that her students learn at the highest level possible.  She has made it a priority to be sure that her students have “access to her” not only during class, but also outside.   For many years, she has “video recorded” her instruction and posted these to her website so that her students can view them later.   She uses the built in Smartboard recorder to do a video screen cast. She uses a microphone so that it not only captures all that she writes on her Smartboard, but also her voice.  As her technology integration specialist, I appreciate her incredibly positive attitude through the “trial and error” stages of the technology integration process.  She knows more about playback devices and file types than she should have to know.

One of her latest technology integration accomplishments has been to post her videos to YouTube.  Her goal was to make it easy for her students to access her videos on any device, anytime, 24/7.  She created a YouTube channel with her BV Google Account and posts these to  She uses to create a safe link to her videos, thus avoiding the distracting ads and additional  videos that populate on YouTube.  She also wanted a better platform to post all of this to the Internet.  She also decided to use O365’s OneNote Online because of it’s natural ability to organize everything in a digital notebook.  It makes the “teacher work” of posting to the Internet a BREEZE.  She uses her OneNote desktop application and simply drags any needed files to the page and up they go!  She invited them via email, so her students can view it in a web browser (as shown below), or on a desktop application, on their smart phone or tablet via a free app.  Students at BV also get the desktop version of OneNote for Free (Word, Excel and PowerPoint included) on PC or MAC.  All are included, #DeviceHarmony!

Theresa setup her OneNote as a “Class OneNote”, but at this time she is using it as a “one way street” to disseminate materials.  But knowing Mrs. G, she is being thoughtful about the potential of a “two way street” by using the full features of the Class Notebook Add In tab.  So look for more to come from Mrs. G’s integration!


Theresa recently received the ultimate teacher compliment.   One of her students is taking an advanced math class in college and she and her study group are using her instructional videos.  That is awesome, and so is Theresa!

Keep being Techie, Theresa!



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