Fn + F1 = Sleep Mode

The advantages to putting your Windows 10 laptop to sleep anytime you travel are mounting.  The shortcut on your laptop’s keyboard is Fn + F1 (it has a little moon on it for sleep).  Or press: Start (Windows) / Power / Sleep (as shown in this image).


This essentially keeps your laptop in the state that it is currently in.  When you are ready to use it again, open the lid and you should notice the power button is “pulsing”. Press the power button once (do not hold down), just press it, and it will wake it up.  All of your applications should be active and in the state they were in when you put it to sleep.

When docking and undocking, you should put it to sleep before you do either of these.  So your computer needs to be “sleeping” when you dock and when you undock.


  1. Uses less battery.
  2. Keep laptop in the current state, issues with data transfer via a dock are minimized.
  3. All programs are where you left them.
  4. Laptop will not get as “hot” if you put it in a bag to travel.

Happy Sleeping!



2 thoughts on “Fn + F1 = Sleep Mode

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