• Class OneNote – this is takes OneNote to a new level.  It turns the “1 way” dissemination of class content into a “2 way” street.  Teachers can easily drop pages (assignments) into their student’s notebooks, with a couple of clicks!  Students can complete the assignments and then again, with a couple of clicks, the teacher can assess (grade) them.  They can easily provide annotative or recorded feedback.  Additional, teachers can use Screencast-O-Matic to provide a video screen cast form of feedback as well. Most of the math department is using this as a “1 way street”.  Are you next?
  • Office Mix: PowerPoint Add-In – This free WEB2oOL gives PowerPoint some new, and improved functionality.  You can add annotation and voice to your PowerPoints.  You can also share them online.  Check this out! Ask Kim Urenda, she is a pro!
  • GradeCam Student Portal – You can send your assessments to your students to take on their own device, or on our devices (phone, tablets, computers).  No more scanning lines!  Heather Hall is rocking this 2oOL!
  • SafeShare.TV – This is an easy WEB2oOL that will create a safe viewing experience for your YouTube videos. No registration or sign-in required!  Theresa Grospitch is loving this 2oOL!
  • Classroom Content WEB2oOLS Compared – I compared 3 easy ways of displaying classroom content and gave integration ideas for each.   OneNote, Google Drive Shared Folder and OneDrive Shared Folder. Kudos to Danna Ahnemann for sharing a OneDrive folder with her ACADEC kids – the PP’s were so large that it was the best option! Shout out to Mike Alsin, Brad Banning and Cheryl Myers for sharing class content of a Google Drive Folder! Woot Woot to most of math for sharing content using OneNote!  You all rock 🙂


  • Sync OneDrive as a Local Drive (PC and MAC directions included)- don’t you want to have access to your files when you are away from school?  OneDrive makes it easy to save your OneDrive files as a “Local Drive”.  This means you can work on them, anytime, even if you are offline (no Internet).  It is #CloudTime, folks!  Ask Donnie Campbell about it, he loves it. I just helped Jennifer Stanely make the jump this morning.  What are you waiting for? I am here to help you move to the Cloud!
  • Find your Synced OneDrive Files on Your Mac – you are included!  This post details how to find them, if you have not synced yet, directions are at the bottom of this post. Debbie Glenn has been file sharing with OneDrive for a while now!
  • Open in Word Workflow Feature: how our students can work in the cloud and still use full Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote giving them 24/7 access to their files. You all are on the “front line”, if you don’t understand how this works, please take time and preview this video and share this information with your students.
  • Open a Shared OneNote – I created directions that apply to both staff and students.  I posted this on Student Links as well since we have so many of you using OneNote to display your class content.


  • Window + P – This shortcut allows you to connect to a projector which is an essential technology function that everyone must know.  MAC directions included!
  • Window + L – When you walk away!  This locks your computer.  Get in the habit.
  • Fn + F1 – Putting your windows 10 laptop has proven to fix some of the docking issues as well as some other benefits!
  • Print to PDF – Print contents in a web browser to a PDF file. Ask Jenny Legrotte and Jennifer Stanley how they are using this.
  • Merge PDF’s – Do you have several PDF’s and want them to be combined.  This is how.
  • PDF and Email Shortcuts – Do you need an easy button (or 2), check out how you PDF and Email each in a click! Fran Hile and Ginny Johnson did it, and you can too!


THeresa Grospitch

Full Story Here

TIS-TALK_500Communication Reminders:

  • Did you know that OneNote is searchable by page, by section, and by notebook!  Try searching the Faculty OneNote next time you have a question that you think may be in there. Directions:  onenote-search-feature
  • Reminder that I am filing technology announcements in the Faculty OneNote.  I do not send out an email unless it affects most or all of you.  Please preview this from time to time to see if any of this information is helpful.  Look at this list – lots going on!tech-announcements-in-faculty-onenote

Tech Info:

  • Windows 10 Issues – I continue to hear about (and witness) Windows 10 black screen issues.  One suggestion is to put your laptop to sleep each time you dock and undock.  I confirm that this will fix some of the issues. This is how you put it to sleep:  Fn + F1
    • If you are still having issues that are robbing you of instructional time, please do a helpdesk ticket so Vong can discuss some options.
  • I suggest that you shut your laptop down when you take it home (off campus).  In addition, I would shut it down at least once / week and definitely if you start experiencing “tech weirdness”.
  • Videos or music not playing?  I suggest that you load VLC player.  It is the “universal player”.  It is in the BVApp Store!
  • If you are printing something off of the Internet, I suggest that you save it as a PDF first, and then print.  Gradecam sheets are an excellent example of when to use this.  Depending on the printer that you send it to, I have seen some bizarre printing when printed straight from the web browser.  Make it a habit.  See this 41 second video to learn how using the Print to Adobe PDF method: Print To PDF
  • Outlook going Offline?  This seems to be on the rise!  All of a sudden you have a red X on your Outlook icon and you stop receiving emails.  The culprit is that your Outlook just went “Offline”.  To get it back, go to the Send/Receive tab and click “Work Offline”.  It will toggle back to online.


  • COMING SOON – I will be sending your technology inventory.  EVERYONE moved over the summer (dramatic BVWTIS?).  It is taking me some time to iron that all out.  I know it will have errors, so reply and set me straight if it is wrong.  Thanks!


Have you ever heard of SnapChat?  Being a high school teacher, I am sure that you have!  Look at what our innovative World Language department has been up to.  Andrea Foxworthy, Emily Brown and Anna Dunn are using this with their students.  The primary purpose is to converse in their language and in “their electronic world”.  They have the students add them so that the students see their content, but the teacher does not see the students.  #TechInnovationIntegration!


And now to “teach the TIS” – thank Andrea Foxworthy for sharing just how you are integrating this wonderful tool!



This one made me smile!


And this happened…


Do you know a deserving BVW Techie Teacher?  Please submit them here for consideration:

Technically Yours,


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