Google Drive: Forms

This is a great WEB2oOL to use to collect data. Do you get frustrated by the use of “Reply to All”?  With this 2oOL alone, you can start to change this phenomenon one human at a time 🙂

BV Staff and Students all have access to this WEB2oOL in their BV Google Drive account.  It is simple to use.  You can create one easily by logging into your BV Google Drive account. Then click NEW/ More/ Google Forms.  Give it a name in the upper left.


Watch my video tutorial to learn how to make and manage a basic Google Form.

Teacher Integration Ideas:

  • Collect parent information at Back to School Night.
  • Collect data from a science lab, then share the response sheet to the class for analysis.
  • Use as a sign up for limited seats, for example to sign up for JAG during PLC.  Use form limiter to limit the number in attendance.
  • Collect data with surveys.
  • Convert office/clerical forms to Google Forms.
  • Students can grade student presentations as they watch to provide additional feedback from their peers.
  • Use the Quizzes feature to collect AFL data from students.

Limit the number of participants or set a date/time cut off with the Form Limiter Add-On


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