Techie Teachers: Chemistry PLC- Mike Alsin, Cheryl Myers & Brad Banning

Chemistry has technology integration busting at the seams!!  Mike and Cheryl have spearheaded the logistics of this course. Brad Banning joined BVW this year and has been literally catapulted into technology… he has handled it like a champ! Here are a few of the technology WEB2oOLS that they use.

They list their daily plans in Google Slides and place links to all needed documents and media.  They often do slightly different activities and just note this on their slides.  They are actively collaborating, and also have some leeway to do different support activities. Here is a link to their daily plans:  Chemisty Lessons.


They also put student handouts in a Shared Google Folder. They have their kids make copies of those handouts when they expect them to complete them digitally.  As an example, they place their lab handouts in the shared Google folder, which is “View only”.  Students will “make a copy” and place it into their own Drive so they have edit rights.

Students will turn in their lab reports via  This is such a unique use of  Kids can turn it in 24/7 and this nicely organizes the incoming files.  In addition, this WEB2oOL helps to ensure that all students participate in the lab since they are required to write up their reports in their own words.  Cheryl has mastered the rubrics grading feature in  She says that it has streamlined the grading process, making it more efficient for all.  Students will get their results back much quicker as well.

They use Google Forms to collect data during labs to generate  large quantities of data and then share out the sheet for all to analyze.

For formative feedback, they use Socrative.  They create and share tests so that they can not only share the work load, but most importantly they can compare data in PLC.  Brad and Cheryl are both also using GradeCam for AFL’s and AOL’s.

Another WEB2oOL that is used is online simulations from Phet . One can simply get lost here.  What a wealth of information.  These are best viewed on their classroom iPads.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg.  These teachers are techie. This PLC is another example of “Only the Best at West”!


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