New BV ITS Helpdesk System

I am excited to present the NEW Helpdesk System!   You submit tickets (A.K.A. requests or incident) via the web or you can still call 4080.  Note that you can no longer email helpdesk.  The link to the new website is on the BVW Teacher Links page.  Additionally, if a student or parent needs assistance, there is a link to their helpdesk form on the BVW Parent Links and Student Links pages (same form).

Some of the main changes include:

  • You must submit your request via the web ( or call 4080.
  • You have an opportunity to “Self Service” your issue quickly by searching the helpdesk website for solutions (How to Search for Solutions)
  • You can view a list of the most popular solutions (problems).
  • There is a notifications section for IT announcements.
  • You can look up the status of your request.
  • You will get status updates via email from
  • You can look at closed requests.

new-helpdeskI believe that this new system will bring better communication on current issues and solutions as well as the ability to assist you with immediate solutions that you can apply in just a few minutes, before you put in your request.  Of course, you can still put in a request and you will get Vong (at BVW), or other BV IT personnel to help you.


2 thoughts on “New BV ITS Helpdesk System

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