• Quizlet Live – this is the old quizlet, but in a fun game format.  Your kids will love this! S/O to Meyers for showing me this new feature!

Google Drive:

  • Google Forms – Forms is one of the best WEB2oOLS, ever!  Say goodbye to “reply to all”!  Collect data, easily and organized with Google Forms and so much more. S/O to Alsin for sharing the idea of lab data collection!
  • New Feature in Google Forms – You can add an option to attach files to your Forms… thank you Google!
  • Google Slides – Online “PowerPoint” presentation WEB2oOL.  Check out some great tech integration ideas! S/O to Dark for getting this going!
  • Create Shareable Link Between Student and Teacher – Bluevalley student and staff email domains are different (.NET VS .ORG).  With that said, learn how to correctly share documents via a link between students and staff.  Teachers, our students need your help on this.


  • Overview of BV Onedrive for Students – Our students are set up perfectly to be able to work on files at school and then at home if they simply save to their BV OneDrive.  Check out their digital workflow, they really need your help on this!  I have trained many ELA classrooms, let me know if you want me to train your students, too.  S/O to Rhodes, PWaldorf, Wilson and Jacobs for getting your students #DigitallyOrganized!


  • OneDrive for Teachers – have you synced, yet?  Dozens of staff at BVW are loving the ability to have 24/7 access to their work files. Make an appointment with me to sync up!  S/O to Meyers, Freestone & Ahnemann for jumping in!  Written Mac directions included.
  • Microsoft Forms – you can share with Authentication between domains!  So you can send a form (quiz) to your students and they have to login with their BV credentials to take it… WOWZA!


Chemistry PLC – Mike Alsin, Cheryl Myers & Brad banning

Full Story

TIS-TALK_500Communication Reminders:

  • Morning Announcements was moved from School Center to OneNote Online.
    • I sent an email on January 5th with details on how to handle the invitation.  Please, let me help you with this workflow.  It is really easy once you load it to your desktop application.
    • If you need an invitation, let me know as well.  I think I got everyone!
    • Some additional information, student and parents can view morning announcements from the same links off of the BVW homepage and off of student links (no sign in required).
    • Last, please only type onto the pages, do not drop files.  While the advantage of file dropping is one of the best feature of OneNote, the main reason we do not want you to do this is simple.  This makes for a 1 page print out for our readers, instead of 7 – 10 each day!
  • Are you using the Faculty OneNote?  If yes, reply on this post and tell me what you love the most!  If not, please set a time with me to assist you with how to use this.  It is a searchable, ever changing Notebook that you can reference to get all of the information about schedules, events, processes and procedures. Check out the Event Schedules section for details of the years big events at BVW!  S/O to Hile and Phan for taking the lead on updating this beast!

Tech Info:

  • Helpdesk is new!  Note that you can no longer email helpdesk.  You need to submit tickets via the web (ITShelpdesk.bluevalleyk12.org ) or call 4080.  Students and parents can submit requests as well.  See the post for full details!
  • Windows 10 – if you continue to experience issues with sound or display while docking, please complete a helpdesk ticket.  Sleeping your laptop each time you dock/undock has worked wonders.  Please, do a helpdesk ticket if it is impeding instruction.  Vong can show you some options, but definitely use Sleep Mode!
  • Print Logic – this is the new print server.  If you need a “non-ricoh” printer installed, complete a helpdesk ticket including your BVTag (on the computer) and what printer you want attached and Vong will take care of it.
  • If students need assistance with using the technology, please refer them to me! I am getting more questions about file management with OneDrive.  Kids are pretty excited when they learn how to use this correctly.  Either give them my email, call me or email me directly.  I am here to help all Jaguars!
  • Do you want me to train your students on OneDrive, or any other technology.  That is what I am here to do!  Contact me and we can do this!  My schedule is already filling up with training sessions, so let me know!
  • School Center – please check your email from January 3rd from Kristy Sailors regarding the status of this product.  I hope to have some more definitive details next week, so stay tuned!


  • VR/360 – check it out! Here is an example.  Use your mouse to pan around.


I have a Pinterest Board! You can view the page without having a Pinterest account, but to view the images, you must sign in.  If you want to login, you can use your BV Google Account to login. Here is a link to some educational cartoons:  http://pin.it/RIrl-jG

Here are some of my favorites.



Do you know a deserving BVW Techie Teacher?  Please submit them here for consideration:

Technically Yours,


Follow me on Twitter @BVWTIS and like me on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/BVWTIS.






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