Techie Teacher – Anne Kastelic



If you have had a chance to see Anne Kastelic in the classroom, you know that she is an exceptional teacher.   Simply stated, she has a desire to help others learn.  This attitude radiates to her students and to her colleagues.  Her aptitude and sincere willingness to help others with technology is impressive.

Anne’s eagerness to help other was first apparent during the new teacher training week.  She was always there with a smile and a helpful soul, even when she was the one needing assistance.  Her name change caused her multiple login issues.  She was patient, resilient and most important, resourceful.  There was one situation in which she figured a way around before I got involved and was helping others in her same situation.

In her classroom, Anne immediately jumped into various technologies.  She started with Class OneNote.  Coming from a Google Classroom school, she had high expectations around technology.  She immediately latched onto OneNote stating that it had the organization built into it that Google Classroom was lacking.  I believe that she was the catalyst to encouraging the math department to consider this WEB2oOL.  The SPED department liked the ease in which their students could get to the days notes and also adopted OneNote for their SPED resources website.

Anne came to me a few months ago with a request to make instructional videos.  I issued her a Surface Book and off she went!  She uses Smart Notebook, Smart Recorder and the Pen functionality with the Surface Book to create them.  She is coming from a Mac school, so the touchscreen on the Surface Book and the amazing pen in combination with the Smart Notebook software was an instant trifecta!  Here is an example.   She followed the directions of her Department Chair, Theresa Grospitch to use YouTube and to post her videos.

Anne’s recent technology strength was made evident at our March PD.  She collaborated via Google Slides to help create the media.  She also used AnswerGarden to collect words and phrases from staff to make a Word Puzzle – here is what BVW had to say about what they want for their children:  .

I need “Technology Integration Cells” within my building to help spread the use of technology.  She is now an integral part of that team!  Now, if I could get her adorable dog Jimmer to join us, we would be unstoppable!

Keep being Techie, Anne!



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