• Canvas – Are you looking for a place to move your class content? Dr. Potts, Ann Dark and I got to see a district demonstration of this WEB2oOL.  If you are looking to move your class content to anything, this should be at the TOP of your list.
  • Blogger – Do you want to have your students set up their own Blogs?  Try this WEB2oOL!  They can login with their BV Google Accounts.  S/O to  Emily Brown, Jeff Baxter and Paige Waldorf for jumping in with this.  I had a blast working with your students!
  • Canva – Need to make posters?  Either electronic or digital, this is your WEB2oOL!
  • Remind – This is a BV approved WEB2oOL that can be used to communicate with BV students and parents.  It has come a long way since it started.  It no longer is a one way communication 2oOL.  You can set it up to allow replies or you can set up chat rooms.  S/O to Donnie Campbell, Ann Dark and Mallory Huseman on this!  #PowerUsers
  • GroupMe – This is a widely used WEB2OOL; however, we recently learned that BV has blocked the use of this app for safety reasons.  All BV employees are to migrate to a different WEB2oOL.  Check out Remind!


  • ScreenCastify – Google Chrome Add-in that will create a video screen capture and save it to your Google Drive so you can easily share.
  • Google Form Add On / Form Limiter – Would you like a WEB2oOL that will allow your students to sign up for a Jag Session in advance but limit this to a certain number?  Try Form Limiter!

Microsoft O365:

  • OneNote – learn the various share options so that your audience (students/parents) can use it.
  • OneDrive on the iPad – want to make your iPad a “almost” fully functional computer?  This will show you how to access your working files that you save on your laptop, from your iPad.  #DeviceHarmony


These are repeats, but they are worth it.  Everyone that takes time to do this, it happy that they did!

AnnE Kastelic

Congrats to Anne, check out just how techie she is! LINK


  • BVW Website moved!  If you have not checked it out, please do so.  One notable change is that we no longer have student links/ teacher links locally.  Hover (don’t click the lock) over the lock in the upper right of ANY district page and you will get to Parent, Student and Staff Login pages.  If there are important links left off, can you please let me know?  I can request to add links.

  • BVW Teacher website migration.  It is done!  I attached my help document that I sent out after spring break as a survival guide. If you want assistance beyond this, please schedule an appointment with me. Happy to help!  Teacher Websites – Survival Guide I do not plan to have formal training’s since we are slated to move to an LMS (learning management system) in the fall.  See my link to Canvas, this looks promising! Stay tuned…
  • The Jaguar Journal looks a little different on the new BVW Website, but the main page that Christy emails to the community and to the staff looks the same.  You will find it under School Information / News.  Oh, and may find more than that!

  • PeachJar is a service that you can use to distribute eflyers to our school and our feeder schools.  Check it out at School Information / PeachJar.  The district contact is Gillian Gonzalez @ ggonzalez@bluevalleyk12.org. Please work with Gillian to get your eflyers published!
  • Look at the front page!  Debbie Glenn’s photog’s are behind the main page image.  Wow, they are amazing!
  • Look at the new calendar.  This one has me super excited.  You can subscribe!  I have subscribed to Outlook and it plants that calendar in my calendar section.  It also updates when a change is made.  I also subscribed to Google and pulled this onto my Google Calendar on my phone.  I have an Outlook Calendar on my phone as well, and that pulled through.  The “old” public calendar called “BVW School Calendar” is not accurate.  You can remove that from your calendar list!  This is all that you need, in image.   If you want assistance on this, schedule an appointment.

Tech Info:

  • Update on the Projector Wiring Replacement Project!  They have about 40 rooms complete.  Vong sent an email on 4/7 describing what you need to look for, with images!  You will have 2 options (science, only HDMI).  We want you to use the HDMI cord… it is blue and fits into the left side of your laptop – similar to USB but bigger.  It WILL NOT fit into your dock.  You will get better sound and picture quality (over the old VGA).  We asked the crew to also leave your VGA cord (as a back up).  MOST IMPORTANT:
    • Plug the HDMI cord into the left side every time you dock/want to project.
    • Select DVI as your input source.
    • Put in a BVCare ticket if you have issues.


  • Bryan Brutto shared this with me today.  Please watch and read his thoughts below.

Will you continue to always do it the way you have done it before, or look at trying an activity like this as a new way to assess a student’s learning and ignite passion? To me the student in the video is showing his passion to figure out Splenda.

Think about the following while you watch:

  1. The student is taking his learning public-Which is a very powerful activity.
  2. The student is utilizing communication skills, collaboration skills, critical thinking, and creativity to solve a problem that he has seen.
  3. The student conducts research.
  4. The student does an experiment to gather data.
  5. The student then reflects on the learning that has occurred and has further follow-up regarding the problem or information he has learned.

More information:  http://georgecouros.ca/blog/archives/7231

Thanks Bryan!!


Do you know a deserving BVW Techie Teacher?  Please submit them here for consideration:

Technically Yours,


Follow me on Twitter @BVWTIS and like me on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/BVWTIS.






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