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A full Canvas tutorial was made and shared to BVW staff, use this for the nuts and bolts.  This page explains the beginning set up steps for PLC and Singletons.


You can work directly out of your gradebook created course in Canvas.  However, I do suggest that you import the Blue Valley High School Shell into your course as it has the proper settings.  See those directions as part of the first video above (time: 1:17).

PLC Common Course Workflow

If you want to work out of the same course, this is the best solution that I could come up with.  Caveat:  It is best practice to build your course in Modules.  You can copy one module at a time.

Step One – Create a course for all PLC to work out of, and get as much content into that course as possible before you do your first course copy (next step).

Step Two -Copy your course into your course (the one that is attached to your students).

The first time, you will likely want all of the content.  Be sure to select “All content”.  You can set up the grade categories and weights with the final exam as a team an these will copy over as well, when you select “All content”.

After the first copy, you will want to “Select specific content” to copy so that you don’t end up with duplicate material or overwrite pages.