GradeCam Student Portal

Blue Valley West purchased the student portal!  This will allow you to send out an assessment to your students to take on a device (e.g. laptop, iPad, phone).  #NoMoreScanningLines!  I hope you will consider this for future AFL's. Here are some "rough" directions: student-portal-rough-directions-new-2016 Here are GradeCam's directions to include a manual for students and …

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GradeCam – Best Practices for Summative Assessments

If you are using GradeCam to grade summative assessments, it is vital that you have fully vetted your setup and scanning procedure.  While we find that this system is highly reliable, you must first make sure you have your system fully tested for reliable functionality. Read this document to see a full list of best …

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Need an AFL data collection tool?  Take a look at GradeCam.  You can grade multiple-choice, true/false, rubric and now numeric answers and get immediate feedback for your students and teachers.  You can transfer scores into any electronic gradebook - even Canvas!  Students fill out bubble sheets that you can customize and print. The teacher can …

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