O365: How to Move a OneNote

Do you have some active OneNotes that are still on “local network drives”?  It is so nice to move them to OneDrive so that every can access them from any device, anytime!  It is simpler than you think.

Use these directions to learn how or the Quick Directions below: Move a OneNote to 0365 and Why

Happy OneNoting!


o365: Open a Shared OneNote

So you got an invitation to open a OneNote and you accepted it… cool!  But you may be wondering how to open it later.   Please know that you do not need to keep that email and that you have a couple of options. These instructions also work for those that want to know how to open it from the email invitation.

Use these directions to learn how to Open Shared OneNote.

Happy OneNoting!

o365: OneNote Class Notebook Ad-In Brings AWESOME Functionality

I am excited to share some added functionality to the Class Notebook.  It is called the Class Notebook Ad-In.  You can do the following with a couple clicks of a mouse!

  1. Add a section to each student’s notebook.
  2. Add a page to each student’s notebook.
  3. Review/supply feedback to each student’s assigned work (that you added as a page), easily!

See this short video for an example of these features. Download the Class Notebook Add-In for free here: https://www.onenote.com/classnotebook

Here is a link to the Overview of Class Notebook Post from last spring if you have not checked it out, start there.

Happy OneNoting!

OneNote: Learning Tools Add-In

3/1/2017 NEW – Word Online and OneNote Online have immersive reader already installed.  Love this!

3/3/2016 ORIGINAL POST – Looking for a free WEB2oOL to help increase reading comprehension for every student?  OneNote has a free Learning Tool add-in at:  https://www.onenote.com/learningtools that is pretty incredible.  Here is a list of features that are included.

OneNote Learning Tools Add-InSee a brief overview here of this 2oOL in action:

Remember BV students can download OneNote for free– it is part of the O365 install.  Oh, happy days!

O365: How to Open a OneNote Share Link

When you get a share link that comes from a OneNote saved in OneDrive -Blue Valley School District (BV’s OneDrive), there are some steps that may be helpful for you to “see”.  You can open and use “upstairs” (in OneDrive) or “downstairs” on your computer. This video will show you what I am talking about!


Here are written directions: Open Shared OneNote

Reminder the 0365 sign in links is:  https://o365.bluevalleyk12.org/

o365: OneNote on MAC’s and Really ANY Device

With OneDrive for Business (a Microsoft Office 365 application), you can create and host your OneNote applications so that you have 24/7 access to them… from any device! So not only can you access it from a windows computer, but now you can access it from Apple and Android devices.  For example: Mac desktops, Mac Laptops,  iPads, Android Tablets, Surface Pros, iPhones, Android Phones and Windows Phones… essentially any device that can access the Internet can also access a OneDrive hosted OneNote.  See the video for a demonstration on how to open a OneNote shared by a link on a MAC destkop.

BV staff can access this application at:  o365.bluevalleyk12.org


  • If you are asked which account to login with, always choose “Work or school account”.
  • You can get the desktop app from the App store on your Mac.  Mac_OneNote in App Store
  • Make an appointment with me to learn how to do this.
  • Moving BVW OneNote to OneDrive soon!

Archive Email to OneNote

I love how easy it is to archive my emails from Outlook to OneNote.  Procedurally, I take a few minutes each month to do this.  OneNote is searchable and you can email the page to get it out of OneNote.  If you are out of control with emails, let me help!  View the video on the basics.  I also provide a handout with additional details below the video.

Handout:  OneNote_EmailArchive

BV folks, you must have Office 2013 installed.  See me about how to get that installed.

Your BVWTIS demonstrating a “rough day” archiving emails!