WEB2oOLS to try:  Ted Ed Lessons -Ted Talks that have teacher lessons attached. Internet Archive - This site allow you to download videos and much more to avoid the risk of loss later. MultCloud - transfer cloud drives with this free tool. This will be the tool that we will have senior advisory teachers show to …

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Canvas - Are you looking for a place to move your class content? Dr. Potts, Ann Dark and I got to see a district demonstration of this WEB2oOL.  If you are looking to move your class content to anything, this should be at the TOP of your list. Blogger - Do you want to have …

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Remind:   great for one way communication to the masses!  They have added a Chat feature, Stamps to get feedback from your class.  This can help you as you collect AFL data. GroupMe:  need a two - way texting communication 2.OL?  This is a private chat room for a small group.  This is great for your …

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