Techie Teacher – Anne Kastelic



If you have had a chance to see Anne Kastelic in the classroom, you know that she is an exceptional teacher.   Simply stated, she has a desire to help others learn.  This attitude radiates to her students and to her colleagues.  Her aptitude and sincere willingness to help others with technology is impressive.

Anne’s eagerness to help other was first apparent during the new teacher training week.  She was always there with a smile and a helpful soul, even when she was the one needing assistance.  Her name change caused her multiple login issues.  She was patient, resilient and most important, resourceful.  There was one situation in which she figured a way around before I got involved and was helping others in her same situation.

In her classroom, Anne immediately jumped into various technologies.  She started with Class OneNote.  Coming from a Google Classroom school, she had high expectations around technology.  She immediately latched onto OneNote stating that it had the organization built into it that Google Classroom was lacking.  I believe that she was the catalyst to encouraging the math department to consider this WEB2oOL.  The SPED department liked the ease in which their students could get to the days notes and also adopted OneNote for their SPED resources website.

Anne came to me a few months ago with a request to make instructional videos.  I issued her a Surface Book and off she went!  She uses Smart Notebook, Smart Recorder and the Pen functionality with the Surface Book to create them.  She is coming from a Mac school, so the touchscreen on the Surface Book and the amazing pen in combination with the Smart Notebook software was an instant trifecta!  Here is an example.   She followed the directions of her Department Chair, Theresa Grospitch to use YouTube and to post her videos.

Anne’s recent technology strength was made evident at our March PD.  She collaborated via Google Slides to help create the media.  She also used AnswerGarden to collect words and phrases from staff to make a Word Puzzle – here is what BVW had to say about what they want for their children:  .

I need “Technology Integration Cells” within my building to help spread the use of technology.  She is now an integral part of that team!  Now, if I could get her adorable dog Jimmer to join us, we would be unstoppable!

Keep being Techie, Anne!



Techie Teachers: Chemistry PLC- Mike Alsin, Cheryl Myers & Brad Banning

Chemistry has technology integration busting at the seams!!  Mike and Cheryl have spearheaded the logistics of this course. Brad Banning joined BVW this year and has been literally catapulted into technology… he has handled it like a champ! Here are a few of the technology WEB2oOLS that they use.

They list their daily plans in Google Slides and place links to all needed documents and media.  They often do slightly different activities and just note this on their slides.  They are actively collaborating, and also have some leeway to do different support activities. Here is a link to their daily plans:  Chemisty Lessons.


They also put student handouts in a Shared Google Folder. They have their kids make copies of those handouts when they expect them to complete them digitally.  As an example, they place their lab handouts in the shared Google folder, which is “View only”.  Students will “make a copy” and place it into their own Drive so they have edit rights.

Students will turn in their lab reports via  This is such a unique use of  Kids can turn it in 24/7 and this nicely organizes the incoming files.  In addition, this WEB2oOL helps to ensure that all students participate in the lab since they are required to write up their reports in their own words.  Cheryl has mastered the rubrics grading feature in  She says that it has streamlined the grading process, making it more efficient for all.  Students will get their results back much quicker as well.

They use Google Forms to collect data during labs to generate  large quantities of data and then share out the sheet for all to analyze.

For formative feedback, they use Socrative.  They create and share tests so that they can not only share the work load, but most importantly they can compare data in PLC.  Brad and Cheryl are both also using GradeCam for AFL’s and AOL’s.

Another WEB2oOL that is used is online simulations from Phet . One can simply get lost here.  What a wealth of information.  These are best viewed on their classroom iPads.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg.  These teachers are techie. This PLC is another example of “Only the Best at West”!

Techie Teacher – Theresa Grospitch


Theresa Grospitch

I think you will all agree that Theresa Grospitch (Mrs. G) is one of the best teachers at BVW.  Her primary focus is to improve her instruction so that her students learn at the highest level possible.  She has made it a priority to be sure that her students have “access to her” not only during class, but also outside.   For many years, she has “video recorded” her instruction and posted these to her website so that her students can view them later.   She uses the built in Smartboard recorder to do a video screen cast. She uses a microphone so that it not only captures all that she writes on her Smartboard, but also her voice.  As her technology integration specialist, I appreciate her incredibly positive attitude through the “trial and error” stages of the technology integration process.  She knows more about playback devices and file types than she should have to know.

One of her latest technology integration accomplishments has been to post her videos to YouTube.  Her goal was to make it easy for her students to access her videos on any device, anytime, 24/7.  She created a YouTube channel with her BV Google Account and posts these to  She uses to create a safe link to her videos, thus avoiding the distracting ads and additional  videos that populate on YouTube.  She also wanted a better platform to post all of this to the Internet.  She also decided to use O365’s OneNote Online because of it’s natural ability to organize everything in a digital notebook.  It makes the “teacher work” of posting to the Internet a BREEZE.  She uses her OneNote desktop application and simply drags any needed files to the page and up they go!  She invited them via email, so her students can view it in a web browser (as shown below), or on a desktop application, on their smart phone or tablet via a free app.  Students at BV also get the desktop version of OneNote for Free (Word, Excel and PowerPoint included) on PC or MAC.  All are included, #DeviceHarmony!

Theresa setup her OneNote as a “Class OneNote”, but at this time she is using it as a “one way street” to disseminate materials.  But knowing Mrs. G, she is being thoughtful about the potential of a “two way street” by using the full features of the Class Notebook Add In tab.  So look for more to come from Mrs. G’s integration!


Theresa recently received the ultimate teacher compliment.   One of her students is taking an advanced math class in college and she and her study group are using her instructional videos.  That is awesome, and so is Theresa!

Keep being Techie, Theresa!


Techie Teacher – Vong Yang



I think you will all agree with me that Vong is much more than a “tech”.  His net stretches well over into the “teacher” category as well.   He keeps a smile on his face, even when I know that he is working/spinning in several different directions.  He is willing to go the extra mile to figure out the nature of a problem.  He has worked side by side with me testing the Windows 10 image so that it is in the best state possible for you to take home this summer.  He is incredibly smart and a true problem solver.  He has a funny sense of humor, check out the joke he sent me (below).  He has the heart of a teacher, as well.  He cares about “his” staff.  Some of you have been the direct recipients of his kindness, and in such a short time.  BVW Staff, please be sure to offer your thanks and gratitude to Vong as we ride the Windows 10 re-image wave!  He has the #BVWGrit of a champion Jaguar. We are so fortunate to have him join the #BVWFamily.  Vong, you are the #BestTechAtWest!


Techie Teacher – Julia Fulbright



It became clear during new teacher week that Julia is an excellent teacher.  She could be found well before and after hours getting ready for her students. She was invariably doing something that I thought would be interesting to her students.  If you see Julia, you will see a pleasant smile on her face which shows how open she is to just about anything, technology included! Here are some of the technology integration web2oOLS that you will see in Julia classroom:

  • Nearpod– she did an amazing job of training a group of us in March.
  • Google Drive – she uses ALL of Drive!  Her latest revelation is rubric scoring on forms with NO PRINTING!
  • She hosts her classroom website at Weebly.
  • She uses Google Calendar to organize her homework and schedules – embedding them into her Weebly site.
  • She uses Socrative and Kahoot to collect formative data.
  • She uses Edpuzzle – you can create your own or use already made videos that embed questions / interactions within the video, making the video engaging.
  • I know she does so many more techie things, but these are just a few!

Every time I talk with Julia, I walk away with a new idea!  She is contagious, so watch out 🙂 If you have not found her, please do so quickly and soak up new technology integration ideas.  Sadly, she is leaving us and going on to a new adventure.  Her new students, staff and community are so lucky get her.  I am sure I am not alone to feel really sad to see her leave.  BVW will miss you Julia!

Techie Teacher – Ann Dark


Ann Dark

I knew immediately when I met Ann that she was a “techie teacher”.  She has impressed me with her ability to self-problem solve, branch out with new technology and to go on the help staff with various issues.  I call her my “right hand Ann”.  Here are just SOME of the web2oOLS that Ann uses.

  • Google Drive – she uses ALL of Drive!  I want to highlight one that she just started using.   Online Rubric!  It is an online rubric where she completes the rubric with her feedback and it shoots off to the students.  Here is a link to the add-on and the tutorial on how to use it.  She is really excited about this.
  • Ann shares files with her student’s via Google Drive as well.  They get 24/7 access to them as opposed to our R drive.
  • She has her lesson plans in Google Slides linked on her school center website.  Please, take a look… this is such a great idea!
  • Ann has helped many teacher use Wix!
  • She uses Remind for her Deca students.
  • Ann is a strong users of Dropbox as well.  She uses this to store her class files so she has 24/7 access to them.

Ann really stays ahead of the technology curve.  She is one of the many that I feel like I learn more from her than she learns from me.  I am especially proud of her  commitment to make her Web Design classes better.  She took classes in “CODE”!  She has shared this with the other Web Design teachers and they are in the process of making some college articulations and college now courses as an option for our students.  She has taken these courses to the next level.  Our students are certainly lucky to have her, as well as all of Blue Valley.

BVW Techie Teacher – Jeff Baxter


Jeff Baxter

Jeff has impressed me with his true desire to continue to learn.  He is determined to meet his students in “their” environment, which means electronically!  Jeff came to me with “an idea”.  He left with a plan and executed it brilliantly.  Jeff is wonderful to work with, we are certainly lucky to have him here at West.  This is how Jeff got “Techie”.

  • He had his students create their projects using their choice of electronic media.  They used:
  • In addition, he had his students post their projects to his classroom Padlet PadletWall.  The kids appreciated having the ability to view other students’ projects.  They were to each come up with an example of an Allusion in a variety of texts.  Bonus: the kids can see a “patchwork” of dozens of ideas on Allusions.  Jeff was absolutely thrilled with this aspect.
  • Jeff also stopped by to explain another “side effect” of this project.  He had his kids “present” their ideas in class and one of the groups formatively assessed the students with a Kahoot…  Brilliant!!



  • Lisa has impressed me with her passion to integrate technology with her students.  She had her kids create stories using several different web2.0ls:
  • Lisa also investigated ways to help her AP kids best prepare for the AP test.  She wanted to provide formative feedback so students could self correct.  She has begun implementation of these tools: