Techie Teacher – Anne Kastelic

ANNE KASTELIC If you have had a chance to see Anne Kastelic in the classroom, you know that she is an exceptional teacher.   Simply stated, she has a desire to help others learn.  This attitude radiates to her students and to her colleagues.  Her aptitude and sincere willingness to help others with technology is impressive. …

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Techie Teachers: Chemistry PLC- Mike Alsin, Cheryl Myers & Brad Banning

Chemistry has technology integration busting at the seams!!  Mike and Cheryl have spearheaded the logistics of this course. Brad Banning joined BVW this year and has been literally catapulted into technology... he has handled it like a champ! Here are a few of the technology WEB2oOLS that they use. They list their daily plans in …

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TECHIE TEACHER  --- Lisa Bauman Lisa has impressed me with her passion to integrate technology with her students.  She had her kids create stories using several different web2.0ls: Stupeflix Storybird ToonDoo Lisa also investigated ways to help her AP kids best prepare for the AP test.  She wanted to provide formative feedback so students could …

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