Here is a comprehensive PDF tool that will take PDF to Doc as well as other various formats.  It will also combine PDF's as well.  You can use also use it to convert to PDF.  



Blue Valley staff can install the chrome web browser on their work devices! You will find it in the BV App store. Newly imaged windows computers will have this installed.  You are encouraged to use Chrome. A huge advantage of Chrome is that you can log into your web browser and it will keep your …

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O365: How to Share a File (Word, Excel, PP or OneNote)

You can share your OneDrive files from your O365 (online) space, or you can share them from your local drive.  I have directions on this link, which is a shared Word file. LINK TO WORD ONLINE FILE One of the benefits of sharing it "online" is that the user does not have to download the …

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