O365: How to Move a OneNote

Do you have some active OneNotes that are still on “local network drives”?  It is so nice to move them to OneDrive so that every can access them from any device, anytime!  It is simpler than you think.

Use these directions to learn how or the Quick Directions below: Move a OneNote to 0365 and Why

Happy OneNoting!



ThingLink is  aWEB2oOL for creating interactive images for the web.  You can make your images tell a story.  It is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Choose an image.
  2. Add links (text, link or youtube video)
  3. Share.

You can share in a variety of ways.  It will create embed code so you can put them on your website.  There is a teacher account, so you can add students if you want.  You can collaborate on one ThingLink image.

How to Collaborate:

Here is one I created to display our upcoming PD:  https://www.thinglink.com/scene/756972281577603074

Instructional Video – Platform Overview:https://www.thinglink.com/video/689961542623428608


Padlet is a web2.OL that allows the teacher to create a “wall” (webpage) that allows the students to post “sticky notes” for others to view.  As you can see from the image, there is a title section, a place for text and you can attach a variety of media (audio, video, links, image and documents).  Students can view but not edit/delete other notes.   The teacher can delete anything.

PadletOther Integration Ideas:

  • Kids can also create their own wall and use it to save information
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Students can post their questions, curiosities, predictions, etc.
  • Class notes
  • Exit slips
  • Reflection page
  • Do Now activities
  • Group project, divide work and post to their group wall
  • Thank you note from the class
  • The ideas are endless… we need a padlet to keep track of them!  Try it here: http://padlet.com/srodina/HAPPINESS

There are a variety of privacy settings.  You can also set up notifications. Students do not have to have an account to post to the wall, but they do have to in order to create their own padlet wall.


Happy sharing!