Looking for a free online poster/graphic maker? is brilliant!  Empowering the world to design is their motto, and they do just that.  There are templates for just about all of your design needs.  Here are a couple of examples.


I took the one above and created this poster to assist my folks with WIFI issues.  I posted this to twitter and on our student links page.   In addition to downloading the graphic, you can export as a link, and embed code.   This WEB2OOL also allows you to add collaborators and complete a project together.  You can also sign in with your BV Google account, one less password to remember!





Thinking about sprucing up your classroom or office next year?  ReciteThis a great FREE poster making website for you to use.

You add your words, pick your template and then you can post to various social media sites OR download the image.  Then you can print that image to Print To Printshop , my BV friends!  I just made one, can’t wait to get it. It is my favorite quote ever… I used to say this to my 2 girls all of the time.


Use Glogster to create an interactive poster with text, pictures and videos. Link to our family’s Christmas Glog – changes in Glogster requires you mark your Glog as “public” in order to share with Facebook and Twitter, however it will still provide you with embeddable code and a URL if marked private.  g-6mkig5836eacbusun2euh2r

There is an educational version, but it is not free.