Looking for a free online poster/graphic maker? is brilliant!  Empowering the world to design is their motto, and they do just that.  There are templates for just about all of your design needs.  Here are a couple of examples.


I took the one above and created this poster to assist my folks with WIFI issues.  I posted this to twitter and on our student links page.   In addition to downloading the graphic, you can export as a link, and embed code.   This WEB2OOL also allows you to add collaborators and complete a project together.  You can also sign in with your BV Google account, one less password to remember!




Google Drive: Slides

This is a great WEB2oOL to use for collaborative presentations.  It is just like PowerPoint, but it is “in the cloud” (24/7 access).

BV Staff and Students all have access to this WEB2oOL in their BV Google Drive account.  It is simple to use.  You can create one easily by logging into your BV Google Drive account. Then click NEW/ Google Slides.  Give it a name in the upper left, and then use the toolbar to create.


Teacher Integration Ideas:

  • Create a Google Slide to hold your daily lesson plans. Here is an example from BVW’s Chemistry PLC.
  • Create a group presentation or review game with your class.  Each student is responsible for a certain number of slides with assigned content.
  • Create a presentation to promote activities and clubs and give access to the staff to create their own slide.  Here is an example of the clubs at BVW.  We have done this with staff introductions and birthdays too!

O365 for Students – Overview

This is an instructional video to assist BV students on how to use Blue Valley OneDrive so that they can access their electronic documents at home as well as at school. Note: the video shows you how to login from our old website.  You can access the link on the new website from Student Login / Office 365 (

This is a link to brief overview of some of the main features of Office 365 (o365) created to assist BV students.  o365-for-blue-valley-students


Technically Yours,

Office Mix: PowerPoint 2oOL- Upload to Share

Spice up your PowerPoints with Office Mix!  If you have not made your first Mix, click here to learn more about this before you preview this post.  BVW Staff and Students have this installed.  Once you create your first Mix, you can upload it to share as a link, embed code or to various social media website.  You can access Office Mix Online here (download if needed, or click Sign-In and use your Microsoft School Account to login):



ThingLink is  aWEB2oOL for creating interactive images for the web.  You can make your images tell a story.  It is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Choose an image.
  2. Add links (text, link or youtube video)
  3. Share.

You can share in a variety of ways.  It will create embed code so you can put them on your website.  There is a teacher account, so you can add students if you want.  You can collaborate on one ThingLink image.

How to Collaborate:

Here is one I created to display our upcoming PD:

Instructional Video – Platform Overview:

O365: Sway

This is a web2ool built right into the Office 365 web portal.  It is a presentation maker… plus!  You can make presentations, reports, newsletters, personal stories and more.  These are all made to be viewable on the web, so our students will have access to edit on any device.  #DeviceHarmony

Check out this video tutorial that gives you a broad overview of what it can do.  Kids will pick this up really fast… watch them go!  Blue Valley students and staff all can access Sway via their o365 accounts! (click on the Sway tile).

Example from BVWTIS – TOP 3 Web2oOLS!!

Office Mix: PowerPoint Add-In to Add Voice, Digital Ink, Quizzes & More

Office Mix will take your PowerPoints from good to fabulous!  You can annotate with a “pen” as you record voice over each slide, poll students and much more.

Watch this demo to see what you can do. Kids too!


BV Folks, you all have this installed since you updated to Windows 10.  Student machines have this tab as well.  Helpdesk it, if you do not have this tab.

Introductory Website:



Use Glogster to create an interactive poster with text, pictures and videos. Link to our family’s Christmas Glog – changes in Glogster requires you mark your Glog as “public” in order to share with Facebook and Twitter, however it will still provide you with embeddable code and a URL if marked private.  g-6mkig5836eacbusun2euh2r

There is an educational version, but it is not free.