YouTube – How to Loop

It is so simple, just right-click on the video and select loop. MAC users, use 2 fingers to right-click. Works great when you post photos to YouTube for end of end of year presentations.  I use Movie Maker to make my slideshows, with just a couple of clicks.  Then I save my movie to my …

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Google Drive: Slides

This is a great WEB2oOL to use for collaborative presentations.  It is just like PowerPoint, but it is "in the cloud" (24/7 access). BV Staff and Students all have access to this WEB2oOL in their BV Google Drive account.  It is simple to use.  You can create one easily by logging into your BV …

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O365: Sway

This is a web2ool built right into the Office 365 web portal.  It is a presentation maker... plus!  You can make presentations, reports, newsletters, personal stories and more.  These are all made to be viewable on the web, so our students will have access to edit on any device.  #DeviceHarmony Check out this video tutorial …

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