BV Google Drive File Stream

Teachers and Students have access to Google Drive File Stream with their Blue Valley email and computer password.  This allows access to all files (non-Google as well) from Finder making it easier to store and use non-Google files from Google Drive.  


Google Chrome Extension: Awesome Drive

Awesome Drive - wow, I have been searching for this WEB2oOL!  This will allow you to function in your Google Drive (up in the clouds) and open MS files (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint) as Word, Excel or PowerPoint! It functions just like OneDrive or DropBox where it opens in that application (Word, Excel or PowerPoint).  Then …

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O365: How to Share a File (Word, Excel, PP or OneNote)

You can share your OneDrive files from your O365 (online) space, or you can share them from your local drive.  I have directions on this link, which is a shared Word file. LINK TO WORD ONLINE FILE One of the benefits of sharing it "online" is that the user does not have to download the …

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