O365: How to Share a File (Word, Excel, PP or OneNote)

You can share your OneDrive files from your O365 (online) space, or you can share them from your local drive.  I have directions on this link, which is a shared Word file.


One of the benefits of sharing it “online” is that the user does not have to download the file to preview it.  You can also make a modification and not have to replace the file… and who doesn’t do their best reviewing “after” you publish!  And in my case, I am not taking up space on WordPress, which does have a limit.  Win, Win, Win!

Other O365 Help Documents

Happy File Sharing!



Google Drive: Create a Shareable Link Between Student and Teacher

Sharing Google Drive files is fairly straight forward; however, there is a caveat for BV users.  You can’t share between students and teachers with authentication (require that the user sign in) because students and teachers are in different domains (NET/ORG).  Staff can share with staff, and students can share with students (requiring authentication).  But students and teachers cannot share with each other and require that the user sign in.  The only way to share files and folders is to share as “Anyone with the Link”.  Please note that “anyone with a link” can access these files.  See this video to learn how!

In addition, you can share folders by right clicking the folder, and select Share.  Just like the video describes above, you will select “Anyone with the Link”.


NOTE:  Teachers, if you are sharing content with your students, be sure that you make it “Can view” unless you want them to have additional rights.

Google Forms carry this same issue.  However, you can select that they collect an email address. This requires that they login with any Google Account, and they can input any email address that they want. Bummer!


Additionally, these issue are replicated in O365 with some exceptions.  More to come on this.

Happy Sharing!

o365: Open a Shared OneNote

So you got an invitation to open a OneNote and you accepted it… cool!  But you may be wondering how to open it later.   Please know that you do not need to keep that email and that you have a couple of options. These instructions also work for those that want to know how to open it from the email invitation.

Use these directions to learn how to Open Shared OneNote.

Happy OneNoting!

O365: How to Open a OneNote Share Link

When you get a share link that comes from a OneNote saved in OneDrive -Blue Valley School District (BV’s OneDrive), there are some steps that may be helpful for you to “see”.  You can open and use “upstairs” (in OneDrive) or “downstairs” on your computer. This video will show you what I am talking about!


Here are written directions: Open Shared OneNote

Reminder the 0365 sign in links is:  https://o365.bluevalleyk12.org/