TED-Ed Lessons

Check out the TED-Ed lessons that focus on integrating interesting topics into your classroom!  https://ed.ted.com/series They are organized by topics such as: Periodic Videos, Inventions that Shape History, Math in Real Life, Cyber Influence & Power to name a few.  Most have a short 3 - 10 min video and then a lessons and discussion area.  …

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Kahoot – How to Auto-Generate Names

Did you know that you can generate nicknames for players so that you won't have the problem of kids entering inappropriate names?  We used this at a school wide Kahoot and it worked great! DIRECTIONS: Click Play on the Kahoot you want to run. Scroll down and click on Game Options. Turn Name generator on.


Looking for a blended classroom that is rich in options, yet fairly simple to use?  Look no more, Canvas is your answer.  Watch this video to take a look at what this can do for you! Dr. Potts, Ann Dark and myself went to a demonstration yesterday, and we were all very excited to see …

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O365: MS Forms include Authentication between Students and Teachers

This is a great WEB2oOL to use to collect data. This is similar to Google Forms, but it has one feature that has been missing.  BV folks can send between Teacher and Student and require authentication. BV Staff and Students all have access to this WEB2oOL in their BV O365 account.  It is simple to …

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Google Drive: Forms New Feature – Collect Files

I have been patiently waiting for this.  Google Forms has added a new feature that allows you to collect documents!  See this help site to learn more: https://sites.google.com/site/scriptsexamples/home/announcements/google-forms-file-upload-feature Caveat for BV users.  You can't share this with your students since they are in a different domain.  Staff can share with staff.  Here is an image that …

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GradeCam Student Portal

Blue Valley West purchased the student portal!  This will allow you to send out an assessment to your students to take on a device (e.g. laptop, iPad, phone).  #NoMoreScanningLines!  I hope you will consider this for future AFL's. Here are some "rough" directions: student-portal-rough-directions-new-2016 Here are GradeCam's directions to include a manual for students and …

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o365: OneNote Class Notebook Ad-In Brings AWESOME Functionality

I am excited to share some added functionality to the Class Notebook.  It is called the Class Notebook Ad-In.  You can do the following with a couple clicks of a mouse! Add a section to each student's notebook. Add a page to each student's notebook. Review/supply feedback to each student's assigned work (that you added …

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o365: OneNote Class Notebook

Brief Overview: OneNote Class Notebook is here!  I am excited to share this tool with you all.  This creates a personal workspace for each of your students, a place for handouts and a collaborative space for lessons and activities. It will make handing out assignments, giving formative feedback and collecting final assignments seamless.  Look at …

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