Looking for a blended classroom that is rich in options, yet fairly simple to use?  Look no more, Canvas is your answer.  Watch this video to take a look at what this can do for you!

Dr. Potts, Ann Dark and myself went to a demonstration yesterday, and we were all very excited to see the possibilities.  Ann has already set up a class!  Jeff Baxter is going to get trained tomorrow and plans to “test the waters”.   Gretchen Meyers took the jump as well.   I understand that this or some other LMS will be available to use starting this fall.

If you want to get started now, below is a link to a help document.  The BVNW TIS, Nicholas Deffer has created this incredible step by step to help you get set up.

Link To Canvas Help Document

He also created a “shell” in Canvas for you to pull from to get started on the right foot.  I have been building my own, so I can definitely work with you as you move forward.  Let me know how I can help!


o365: Open a Shared OneNote

So you got an invitation to open a OneNote and you accepted it… cool!  But you may be wondering how to open it later.   Please know that you do not need to keep that email and that you have a couple of options. These instructions also work for those that want to know how to open it from the email invitation.

Use these directions to learn how to Open Shared OneNote.

Happy OneNoting!

o365: OneNote Class Notebook Ad-In Brings AWESOME Functionality

I am excited to share some added functionality to the Class Notebook.  It is called the Class Notebook Ad-In.  You can do the following with a couple clicks of a mouse!

  1. Add a section to each student’s notebook.
  2. Add a page to each student’s notebook.
  3. Review/supply feedback to each student’s assigned work (that you added as a page), easily!

See this short video for an example of these features. Download the Class Notebook Add-In for free here:

Here is a link to the Overview of Class Notebook Post from last spring if you have not checked it out, start there.

Happy OneNoting!

o365: OneNote Class Notebook

Brief Overview:

OneNote Class Notebook is here!  I am excited to share this tool with you all.  This creates a personal workspace for each of your students, a place for handouts and a collaborative space for lessons and activities. It will make handing out assignments, giving formative feedback and collecting final assignments seamless.  Look at this video for an overview:

You do not have to have surface pro’s in order to use this.  Any device that gets internet will do.  #DeviceHarmony!!  Oh how I do wish we were a one-to-one school!  However, do not let that stop you from using this tool.

Check out this site for tutorials and more information.  BV folks:  Please, do not sign up for a free account, we have one!  Access it via with your computer login credentials: .   If you want to be added as a student in my “play” class notebook, contact me. I am excited to assist you with set up and use.  Be my first to pilot this in a BV classroom!

Happy OneNoting!


Edmodo is a secure microblogger that looks and functions similar to Facebook and Twitter.  It is one of the easiest that I have used.  I set up a “group” for us to use for our end of the year technology to-do’s.   So many of you have GREAT IDEAS and this will be a great way to share.  The best way to learn is to DO.  Be brave… follow these steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Select I’m a teacher.  Register (use your teacher email).
  3.  Once you are in, you will look for “Join” link in the Groups section under your profile picture (yes, you can change that too if you like).
  4. Type in my CODE:  sp1v7g (Teachers at BVW, or anyone if you want to preview what it looks like)!
  5. Take a look around, post a reply to my “welcome” post or create your own thoughts where it says “type your note here”.

SOME Educational Uses: 

  • Students can post their projects (mine post their programs, could be artwork, video documentaries, reports, etc.) and other students will reply to their posts with their “peer reviews”.
  • Teachers can post a blog topic that you want your students to discuss.
  • Students can write comments, opinions or questions on daily news items, current events or issues of interest.
  • Create an Online Book Club.
  • Showcase Student art, poetry and creative stories.
  • Communicate with another class outside of your class.
  • Elect a weekly class scribe to write a “week in review” posting.
  • Use the blog as a reading response journal.
  • Post a statement with no supporting facts and ask students to find resources to support or refute the opinion.

AOL 2.OL?  Yep, check out the SnapShot in Edmodo.  You can create a quick assessment from a common core item bank.

Add the Photos for Class app that will enable a creative commons search engine for student to find and accurately site images.