Blue Valley provides each student and teacher a Google Drive account.  This allows for unlimited storage.  Calendar and YouTube are not activated in Google for students.  Email is not activated for all BV.

How to Login. BV folks will find a link on the Staff/Student login pages.  Also, you can simply go to

Google Files & Sharing:

  • BV Staff and Students gain access to Google Drive File Stream – install and use this!
  • How to Share with Students in BV – IMPORTANT STEP INCLUDED
  • Notable Mention – Google does not make a different link for the edit/view option at each level.  This can be advantageous (if you accidentally goof up and send it with edit rights).  This can be undesirable if you need to provide different link to different people.  Comparing to Office 365, each selection creates a distinct link.

Google Apps:

Google Chrome: