O365: How to Share a OneDrive Folder

Need to share a OneDrive folder with your students (or anyone)?  Click these directions to learn how:  OneDrive Share Folder Happy OneDriving!


MultCloud – Cloud Transfer 2oOL

NBVW Seniors!  Listen up, please do one of the following to ensure that you take your cloud files (BV Google Drive/ BV OneDrive) with you.  Download them to your computer or external hardrive. Use a cloud transfer tool to move them - I like MultCloud! NOTE:  As of April 3, 2018, I had to use …

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Looking for a blended classroom that is rich in options, yet fairly simple to use?  Look no more, Canvas is your answer.  Watch this video to take a look at what this can do for you! Dr. Potts, Ann Dark and myself went to a demonstration yesterday, and we were all very excited to see …

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