Screencastify – Chrome Add On

Looking for an easy to use video screencast WEB2oOL that is built right into your Chrome web browser?  Screencastify is your 2oOL (make sure you open this link in Chrome)!   Once you add this to Chrome, just click the “film strip” icon in the upper right hand corner to open the menu shown below.  If you choose Desktop, you will be recording everything that is view-able on your desktop.  Notice, you can add your “face”/webcam video to the screencast.  When you are done recording, you will get the option to copy the link (if you are saving to Google Drive and not locally).  This is the link you will use to share with others.  It is open to anyone with a link, so BV students will be able to see BV teacher videos, and vice-versa.  With the FREE (Lite) version, you get up to 10 minutes per video and up to 50 recordings per month.


YouTube – How to Loop

It is so simple, just right-click on the video and select loop. MAC users, use 2 fingers to right-click.

Works great when you post photos to YouTube for end of end of year presentations.  I use Movie Maker to make my slideshows, with just a couple of clicks.  Then I save my movie to my computer and upload to YouTube.  If you have a small number of photos, you can use YouTube Slideshow as well! This app takes some time for them to load, so this is why I jump into Movie Maker to do this if I have a lot of photos.  Movie Maker is on your Windows 10 laptop.  MAC folks, you can use Movie Maker.


Looking for a free online poster/graphic maker? is brilliant!  Empowering the world to design is their motto, and they do just that.  There are templates for just about all of your design needs.  Here are a couple of examples.


I took the one above and created this poster to assist my folks with WIFI issues.  I posted this to twitter and on our student links page.   In addition to downloading the graphic, you can export as a link, and embed code.   This WEB2OOL also allows you to add collaborators and complete a project together.  You can also sign in with your BV Google account, one less password to remember!




Need a website, Blog or Newsletter?  Wix is an EASY site that offers a free way to post your content to the web.  This is great for clubs, sports and the classroom.  Are you looking for a 2oOL for students to to use to create their own e-portfolios, this is a great option!

Teacher Integration Ideas:


This is one of the best note taking app’s that I have ever used.  You can access it from your PC, MAC, any Tablet or phone… and it is synced with all devices.  The quick access that I have from my PC makes this easy and efficient – there is a nice download option that makes it as if it is part of your PC. You can use this to back-up emails as well, it embeds in your Outlook mail tool bar!  The organization is exquisite!  Stop taking notes all over the place and get organized with Evernote! Evernote works hand in hand with Skitch, an image annotation tool. or go straight to the Intro page to get started!



I have suggested this tool to so many people over the last few weeks that I feel that you ALL should hear this.  Get 2GB free of “cloud space” at dropbox.  You can also earn up to 16GB FREE.  SO WHY YOU ASK???

  1. Bring your photos, docs and videos anywhere! That is their slogan, tells it all.
  2. You can ACCESS YOUR FILES on your phone, your ipod touch,  your ipad, your android tablet, etc – no more transferring them from device to computer with wires!
  3. Free app on droid and i platforms!
  5. Yes, it installs on your PC or MAC.
  6. PERFECT to back up precious family pictures, what would happen if your computer crashes or your house burns down, your photos are PRICELESS!!!
  7. Drag and drop files!  Not single uploads like many others
  8. You can “share” a folder with others and they have access to the contents of that folder!

You all know me… I am a WEB2.OL junkie… this really is one that I would NEVER want to live without.

Get it here (yep, I earn free space if you use this link, but I am worth it!):

BONUS— our students can use it to easily transport files to/from home and THEY CAN install it on our computers (that is why I tagged it “No Install Required”).  It says the don’t have admin rights, but proceed on and they do.


BV Google Drive

Teachers and Students have access to Google Drive with their Blue Valley email and computer password.

Create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms and more, all stored in “the cloud”.  You can collaborate with others on the same files.  You easily build and use forms to collect data (be done with replies / reply to all email clutter).  This form collects your data in a spreadsheet… all for you!

Basic Overview of Google Drive:

The “NEW Google Drive”

Google Drive for Mobil Devices

BVWTIS’s FAVORITE:  Google Forms

Changes to Google Forms (Spring 2015):