Screencastify – Chrome Add On

Looking for an easy to use video screencast WEB2oOL that is built right into your Chrome web browser?  Screencastify is your 2oOL (make sure you open this link in Chrome)!   Once you add this to Chrome, just click the “film strip” icon in the upper right hand corner to open the menu shown below.  If you choose Desktop, you will be recording everything that is view-able on your desktop.  Notice, you can add your “face”/webcam video to the screencast.  When you are done recording, you will get the option to copy the link (if you are saving to Google Drive and not locally).  This is the link you will use to share with others.  It is open to anyone with a link, so BV students will be able to see BV teacher videos, and vice-versa.  With the FREE (Lite) version, you get up to 10 minutes per video and up to 50 recordings per month.


PDF and EMail Shortcuts

Do you PDF word documents frequently and want a one click solution?  What about emailing the document as an attached file?  This is how you do it… so easy to do!

Watch this 98 second video to learn how to add and use these icons.

This works for other MS Office programs as well!

Technically Yours,

O365: Open in Word Workflow

One of the biggest advantages of O365’s OneDrive is the “Open in Word” feature.  To be more specific, this feature works in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.  What you can do while working on a file “upstairs” (AKA in OneDrive), you can click “Open in Word” (see image below) and it will open up in the “desktop version” of Word.  There are more tools in this version.  When you do that and make changes and save, it will save/sync with the file “upstairs”.  This is great for our students so they can have access to their files 24/7!  Best news, this works on any device that gets Internet and has the Free MS App’s in stalled (iPad, Android Tablet, Surface Pro, Smart Phones). #DeviceHarmony


Watch the video for a visual explanation.

MS Word: Add Form Elements

Do you think it is odd to fill out a Word form that has underlines in the places that they want you to enter text?  Do you delete the line, do you just type in the middle of it?  It is really strange!  Word has a 2oOL that you can use to create a fill-able document.  See the screen shots for directions on how to do that. Or open this document for complete directions along with an example of some of the form items that Word has included: Word_MakeFillableDocument.

Directions – Part 1 – Add the Developer Tab:


Step 2 – Create and Make Usable:

Word_MakeFillableDocument Part 2

When you share this, keep it as a word document.  When you save as PDF, this will eliminate your form features.  Of course, Adobe PDF has their own Form Creation 2oOL.  It is a bit more complicated than this little gem, so try this out first.  If you want to start collecting data, get with me on some viable options.


Scan your book or journal barcodes to easily acquire and generate references in seconds using your phone’s camera.  You can reference any source: books, articles, webpages, videos, newspaper, legislation, artwork and more!  It includes over 7,500 reference styles (who knew there were that many to begin with), including APA and MLA.   BV folks, you can sign in with your Google email so you won’t have yet another username and password to remember.   See my instructional video to see just how easy this is.

Office Mix: PowerPoint Add-In to Add Voice, Digital Ink, Quizzes & More

Office Mix will take your PowerPoints from good to fabulous!  You can annotate with a “pen” as you record voice over each slide, poll students and much more.

Watch this demo to see what you can do. Kids too!


BV Folks, you all have this installed since you updated to Windows 10.  Student machines have this tab as well.  Helpdesk it, if you do not have this tab.

Introductory Website: