OneDrive on the iPad

There was a day in BV where the iPad would not work inherently with the iPad to view and edit the users working files (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Well, that day o365-in-ipadis gone!  If you have your working files in OneDrive, then you can also work with them on an iPad (and other devices, but that is a different post)!

If you still have your working files on the HDrive, what are you waiting for.  Move them to the cloud!  Directions


O365: Open in Word Workflow

One of the biggest advantages of O365’s OneDrive is the “Open in Word” feature.  To be more specific, this feature works in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.  What you can do while working on a file “upstairs” (AKA in OneDrive), you can click “Open in Word” (see image below) and it will open up in the “desktop version” of Word.  There are more tools in this version.  When you do that and make changes and save, it will save/sync with the file “upstairs”.  This is great for our students so they can have access to their files 24/7!  Best news, this works on any device that gets Internet and has the Free MS App’s in stalled (iPad, Android Tablet, Surface Pro, Smart Phones). #DeviceHarmony


Watch the video for a visual explanation.

OneNote: Learning Tools Add-In

3/1/2017 NEW – Word Online and OneNote Online have immersive reader already installed.  Love this!

3/3/2016 ORIGINAL POST – Looking for a free WEB2oOL to help increase reading comprehension for every student?  OneNote has a free Learning Tool add-in at: that is pretty incredible.  Here is a list of features that are included.

OneNote Learning Tools Add-InSee a brief overview here of this 2oOL in action:

Remember BV students can download OneNote for free– it is part of the O365 install.  Oh, happy days!

Google Drive: Word Cloud Generator Add-On

I love the add-ons in Google Drive, a lot.  I want to show you a special add-AddOn_WordCloudGenerator Exampleon that I use a lot that will generate a word cloud of the document.  This can be a powerful writing tool for your students to see what words they are using a lot.  Our students often are not aware of what words they use a lot.  Plus, it is really easy to like this 2ool, a lot!

See this image below that will explain how to load and use Word Cloud Generator!AddOn_WordCloudGenerator



Scan your book or journal barcodes to easily acquire and generate references in seconds using your phone’s camera.  You can reference any source: books, articles, webpages, videos, newspaper, legislation, artwork and more!  It includes over 7,500 reference styles (who knew there were that many to begin with), including APA and MLA.   BV folks, you can sign in with your Google email so you won’t have yet another username and password to remember.   See my instructional video to see just how easy this is.

BVW Techie Teacher – Jeff Baxter


Jeff Baxter

Jeff has impressed me with his true desire to continue to learn.  He is determined to meet his students in “their” environment, which means electronically!  Jeff came to me with “an idea”.  He left with a plan and executed it brilliantly.  Jeff is wonderful to work with, we are certainly lucky to have him here at West.  This is how Jeff got “Techie”.

  • He had his students create their projects using their choice of electronic media.  They used:
  • In addition, he had his students post their projects to his classroom Padlet PadletWall.  The kids appreciated having the ability to view other students’ projects.  They were to each come up with an example of an Allusion in a variety of texts.  Bonus: the kids can see a “patchwork” of dozens of ideas on Allusions.  Jeff was absolutely thrilled with this aspect.
  • Jeff also stopped by to explain another “side effect” of this project.  He had his kids “present” their ideas in class and one of the groups formatively assessed the students with a Kahoot…  Brilliant!!



  • Lisa has impressed me with her passion to integrate technology with her students.  She had her kids create stories using several different web2.0ls:
  • Lisa also investigated ways to help her AP kids best prepare for the AP test.  She wanted to provide formative feedback so students could self correct.  She has begun implementation of these tools:

ToonDoo – Comic Strip Maker

Want to make cartoon comic strips?  Use ToonDoo!  With a few clicks and some drag and drops, you will have your own comic strip.  You can turn those strips into a book as well.

Here is one that was made by one of the best at BVWest!


Basic Instructions and tips on how to keep student content private: – kids must register.

  1. Select Toon / Create Toon (this is if you want a small cartoon – 2 to 4 slides).
  2. Pick a layout.
  3. Drag/Drop elements.
  4. Personalize the elements with the options along the bottom.  Change size, for example (select the element, select Shrink or Enlarge).
  5. Be sure to save each one, Click ToonDoo / Save (icon in upper right of cartoon creation area).  Be sure to select “Keep it Private”.  It is Public by default.

Toons (one page comics) can be private, but unfortunately ToonBooks must be public.  In order to keep student content private, students should do a series of Toons and screen shot (Snip) each one into a word document or PowerPoint to submit to their teacher.   Use the Snipping Tool (how to on a PC) (how to on a MAC).



This web2.0l allows you and your students to copy and paste writing into a text box and get a multitude of reports.  It appears to support world languages!

  • Count of Words, Sentences, and Characters
  • Usage of Punctuation Mark
  • Static and Dynamic Readability Data
  • Shows Common Words/Phrases
  • Dynamic and Static Lexical Density
  • Wordle Image (Word Cloud)









This is an example of a Wordle created when I put an excerpt from Grapes of Wrath.